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7 Chinese Herbs that can Help Promote your Immune System

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Chinese traditional medicine has its approach, HOW TO Encourage YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. When Western medicine concentrates on treating the disease, this 3,500-year antique medicine attains to see the well-being in ways to support your immune system. For them, the Qi in the body’s essential energy requires to flow throughout the body for decent functioning and to boost your immune function. When obstructed, it can begin numerous physical and mental health problems.

Besides acupuncture and tai chi, herbal products help address health problems while ensuring Qi’s balance and healthy flow throughout the body. Here are seven amazing herbs that can defend what are the home remedies to boost your immune system.

7 Chinese Herbs for Immune Function


This medicinal herb is an antibacterial and anti-viral herb that helps in various health issues, such as reducing inflammation and blood sugar levels and contributing to immunity improvement. One way to use Echinacea is to drink it as tea, which is excellent for fighting the flu and better manage anxiety.


Most people have long used Cordyceps as a natural energy booster due to their tonifying Yang qualities. Known for its capability to nourish the Lungs and Kidneys, it has been traditionally used to handle chronic cough and asthma symptoms. According to a study, regular consumption may also help energize the Lungs to ease breathing troubles. On the wing, it can also be taken to promote general wellness to strengthen your immunity.

Asian Ginseng

This herb is another immune promoter stuffed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features. Besides lowering blood sugar levels, this herb helps boost energy, sharpens the mind and mental performance, reduces stress, and enhances sexual functioning. If your Men have Suffered from Sexual Dysfunction problems such as Erectile Dysfunction, then Fildena 100 and Fildena 50 Help to Cure the Issues.


This aromatic herb, one of Po Chai Pill’s key ingredients, is used to clear dampness in our bodies. It is straightforward to acquire excess dampness in a humid climate, which may hinder our Qi flow. It can also ease digestive issues such as indigestion and bloating. The body can ingest nutrients to build a stronger Wei Qi for the immune system by having a strong digestive system.


Elderberry is another herb filled with antioxidant properties and quercetin, known to have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects. Elderberries are also long known as a natural remedy in fighting flu and colds because of their anti-viral properties. Moreover, it also treats constipation and is a good pain reliever due to its high dose of anthocyanins.


Garlic has always been one of the most prevalent ingredients in serving different foods throughout the globe. But Chinese medicine has extended known its medicinal advantages. This easily antioxidant herb is known to enhance a natural immune promoter, helps prevent inflammation, and fight many types of infections. It is also known to manage several sickness signs like a dry and sore throat. You can make sure to count on this herb not only in every meal but also in treating various health problems as well.


Pu Gong Yin is a herb generally observed in infusion tea. It is known to have a cooling feature, and it can be helpful to relieve sore throat or feverish symptoms due to heat. It is also leading in antioxidants and helps to purify the Liver to keep them working properly.

Remember that formulations and dosages may vary from one patient to another, depending on the severity of the symptoms and whether they are being consumed for prevention or treatment. So, always attempt the guidance of a qualified physician to create a treatment plan for you.


Garlic, similar to ginger, is another preferred spice that offers more flavor on all menus. It is also known to become nutritious and an herb with few calories, which works great for individuals conscious of their weight. Most of all, this herb can be another option for different health issues. It is effective in combating common colds and lowers down blood pressure and boosts adequate cholesterol levels. With these wonderful advantages, garlic also has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antibiotic characteristics. Garlic Taken as Healthy and Wholesome Diet for men who Suffered from ED Problems. Apart from Garlic, You can also Pick Fildena 120 and Vidalista 40 Pills to Cure these Problems.


Traditional Chinese medicine proceeds to make its direction as one of the most in-demand medicine kinds despite the fame of Western and other modernized medication global. These herbs are just many herbs and natural remedies that are also effective in the diet to help enhance the body, especially the immune system, and create a hormonal balance between body parts.


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