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A Complete Guide To Organizing A Virtual Happy Hour Meet Up

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A Virtual Happy Hour Meet Up – Most of us were not aware of the term Zoom and video conferencing until now. The COVID-19 pandemic promoted the term so much since it became the need of time. Although greatly used for business purposes, video chatting platforms can also be used for fun and virtual hangout with friends and colleagues. You can’t go for drinks after work due to social distancing and the pandemic. However, you still have equal chances to hang out with friends and colleagues through virtual happy hour meet-ups. This article will serve as a guide to organizing a successful and entertaining virtual happy hour meet-up. Keep reading to learn more!

A step-by-step guide to organizing a virtual happy hour meet-up:

If you are missing your friends and colleagues, don’t panic! You can organize a happy cocktail hour with drinks and fun. A short yet full fun and entertainment session will boost your confidence and lift your spirit more than you could imagine. The only takeaway you should keep in mind before jumping into this gathering event is to put it right. We are here to walk you through some steps that could serve as a guide for you to throw a fab virtual gathering. Let us begin!

1. Choose a platform that is easier for everyone:

The first step to throw a virtual party is to select which platform you will be using. Choosing the one that would suit everybody could be a bit tricky. A good chat platform will be diverse for various gatherings. Zoom is the best choice since it’s easy to understand, and it’s not difficult to send invitations to anybody. However, Zoom’s disadvantage is that the free form will take into account a 40-minute gathering meeting.

Google Hangouts, Facebook, and Skype are altogether reasonable alternatives, and there are some more. Pick whichever platform your colleagues or companions are generally acquainted with or like best.

2. Set a time that is suitable for everyone:

The fun of events often gets soiled when we hear someone is not attending it due to some other business. Well, that should not happen in your virtual happy hour session. Perhaps the main thing to remember while having a virtual party time is planning a time that suits everybody. Zoom comes furnished with a component that allows you to plan a one-time meeting or a few repeating gatherings at a set time each week.

A one-time meeting is valuable for the gathering of companions that have moving timetables. Be that as it may, if everybody is free on a Friday at 7 pm, you can send out notifications to all the participants. Make sure no one misses out, so the fun is not spoiled.

3. Don’t make the party overcrowded:

Don’t let a single person dominate the conversation and others leave the party. Having too many participants in the show can sometimes spoil the fun. A major disadvantage of sending invitations to too many people is that no one gets the chance to speak at the event. You don’t want your participants to get bored in a happy hour session, do you?

The best way to put things right is to take a few selected persons on board and have fun with them. Try not to post news about your gathering on social media platforms since it can draw unwanted attention. If you are a first-timer and don’t have a clue about how to go the right way, get in touch with professional event companies in Dubai Rest assured, they can make your party memorable and funny.

4. Plan your conversation:

Video chats that are purely intended for business purposes need this planning. However, most of the happy hour meet-ups are fun gatherings, and everyone can say whatever they like. Another factor that you should not ignore is that people in your party don’t know each other. These individuals will feel shy, and you have to make them comfortable. That is where the planning could help you.

If individuals in the video session don’t have any acquaintance, try to start the event by going through the members’ rundown. Have the individuals present themselves, saying a piece regarding their identity and what they do.

5. Be on time!

Start your happy hour session on time, and don’t make your participants wait. As you would not like to be made waiting, you should not make others wait either. Organize all the activities accordingly, have everything set well on time and push the start button. The management process might trouble you, and that is where you need an expert hand. Connect with the best Event company in Dubai and let them make the necessary arrangements for you.

Throw a memorable event with event experts!

Organizing and managing an event is never easy since there are numerous activities involved. Be it a physical or virtual event, if it is not managed well, it can go wrong. It would be best to take expert event companies on borad since these experts can make your event memorable and successful.