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A Comprehensive Guide About VAT on Compensation Payment

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The business organizations reaching a specific threshold of income or sales have to pay value-added tax in the United Arab Emirates. Not all business dealings are always successful. Various types of issues can occur that make the business deal a failure. The party that has caused the loss is liable to offer compensation payment to the authorities who have suffered the loss.

Even in a compensation payment, one or even both of the parties might have earned a little profit. If that profit exceeds the limit of the voluntary threshold of value-added tax, then the concerned party would have to pay the tax. It is essential to avoid any penalties or legal actions that can hurt their reputation in the market. Knowing the details is critical to comply with them.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore a comprehensive guide about VAT on compensation payment and be prepared to deal with any such scenario.

Top 8 Types of Compensation Payment under VAT

Paying the value-added tax is one of the most important responsibilities of the business organizations operating in the UAE. The situation and scenarios vary from case to case. So it is critical that you have enough knowledge to tackle eve situation and fulfill your responsibility towards the state without committing any mistake.

Here are some of the major types of compensation payments that business organizations should be aware of to handle and tackle VAT smoothly.

1. Breach of Contract Payments

The very first type of compensation payment the business organizations need to be aware of to fulfill tax responsibility is the breach of contract payment. Generally, this condition is included in the contract that the party breaching the contract will offer payment. If the supply in the contract was taxable, then the parties need to pay VAT. Due to the numerous complications involved in the process, most businesses get the help of the best VAT consultancy services in Dubai and resolve all the issues with the help of professionals.

2. Liquidated Damages

The second category that the business organizations need to consider for VAT over compensation payment is liquidated damages. If the damages are sustained over the supplies that were taxable, then value-added tax will be applicable on liquidated damages compensation payment, otherwise not.

3. Early Contract Termination Payments

When two or more parties sign a contract, they sign the clause which states early contract termination penalty. It also falls in the category of compensation payment, for which value-added tax needs to be considered. If the contract was about some taxable supply, then VAT will be applicable to the early contract termination payment.

4. Dilapidation Payments

Dilapidation payments are the ones that tenets pay to the landlord to amend the facility or lease to make it the way it was before being used. This particular category also falls in the range of compensation payment. Value-added tax is applicable on dilapidation payment because it is already a taxable category.

5. Payments in Settlement of Claims

Claim issues can arise at any time during the course of any contract between two or more business parties. They often resolve the claim by paying the settlement fee. Payment in settlement of claims is another category that falls in the range of compensation payment. Value-added tax will also be applicable over this category if the claim was made on a taxable supply.

6. Payment for Loss of Earnings

The business deal or contract may not always end in profit. The involved parties can also earn a little loss. Payment for loss of earnings is another important category falling in the range of compensation payments. However, as the involved parties have already earned a loss, the value-added tax is not applicable to this type of compensation payment.

7. Payment for Granting a Right

One of the most important categories of compensation payment is payment for granting a right. If the right is granted over a taxable supply, then value-added tax is applicable. On the other hand, if the right is granted on a supply that is not taxable, then value-added tax is not applicable.

8. Compensation for Late Performance

Lastly, the category businesses need to know about compensation payments in terms of VAT is the compensation for late performance. It means that party A has to pay some rent or bill to part B. extra fine will be added to late payment. If the payment is one taxable supply, then VAT is applicable to it. However, if it is causing you confusion, you can hire the best VAT consultancy in UAE and let experts take care of all your compensation payments.

Consult The Experts For More Guidance!

If compensation payments have added to your confusion, do not commit the mistake of ignoring it. Consult the experts to resolve all the confusion. If you still do not understand it, let the experts take care of VAT on your behalf and avoid earning penalties.