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Beaded Curtains: Modern and Beautiful

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Any interior will look more comfortable with curtains present in its design. Drapes can be used on windows and for zoning space. When decorating the interior, you can hang curtains in the doorway. This design method is applicable in both classic and modern interiors. In addition to fabric, wooden, thread or bead hangings are used as door treatment. You can also choose blackout curtains in Dubai to put over the door.

Materials for Door Curtains

Door curtains are a rather spectacular hanging decor that especially advantageously decorate the doorway. String interior curtains made of thin sticks or glass beads add brightness, color and originality to the atmosphere. Door curtains will make the covering light, airy, and atmospheric.

As a material for door curtains, they use:

  • textile;
  • bamboo;
  • threads;
  • beads;
  • ribbons;
  • seashells;
  • sequins, etc.

Wooden Door Curtains

Door curtains made of straw rings are distinguished by an affordable price, practicality and reliability. Straw rings add texture to the interior and are perfect for rooms that do not require complete insulation.

Bamboo curtains on the door are suitable for those who especially appreciate natural materials, natural beauty, warmth, comfort and eco-design.

Thread Curtains

They are an excellent alternative to traditional fabrics. Threads have a light and weightless look which is good for air flow. Thanks to a wide shade palette, they allow you to create original color combinations.

Beaded Door Curtains

They are quite an exotic version of interior curtains and an extraordinary element of decor, bringing special romance to the interior and filling the room with playing glare.

Macrame Curtains

It becomes a very interesting interior decoration that you can create with your own hands, at no extra cost. The unique crochet weave will undoubtedly add exclusivity to the design.

Buy beaded curtains — they will fill your rooms with a fabulous mood!


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