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Curtains with Shutters: Best Combination Ideas

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Interior shutters with curtains are a very popular fashionable window and interior solution today due to its functionality. Windows decorated with shutters and curtains have a unique new style that suit modern and traditional interiors. Shutters can be hinged, folding or sliding. If you are looking for alternative window decoration ideas, opt for blackout curtains in Dubai.

Shutters help control light flow and fresh air. Shutters with curtains do not take up much space, adding charm to the interior decoration.

Advantages of Curtains with Shutters

Window treatment does not always have to be rich and pretentious. The ingenious wooden sashes on the windows, combined with the curtains, are admirable in themselves. The charm effect is achieved through a duet of simplicity, sophisticated textiles and contrasting colors.

In countries with hot climates, such as the UAE, shutters protect from the scorching sun rays. They allow air to pass through well and at the same time help to regulate the heating of premises.

  • With the right approach, shutters can visually enlarge the window space.
  • An interesting solution would be to install neat shutters not in the size of the windows, but only half covering them. In this case, the color contrast will stand out favorably in the interior.
  • Four small shutters, which fold down neatly on the sides, will become a real charm in your home.
  • The shutters in children’s room furnishings add to the overall atmosphere of joy and fun.

Window decoration with shutters is something that will add personality and bring a very special flavor to almost any home.

Variety of Internal Shutters

Complemented by curtains, shutters are secondary in the design. But as soon as you open the curtains, the shutters will pop into the foreground, maintaining the harmony of all the elements in the room.

The interior shutter options are:

  • classic;
  • unusual patterns;
  • from ceiling to ceiling;
  • covering part of the window;
  • two- or four-leaf;
  • solid;
  • to match the walls or as a bright color accent.

Popular interior shutters are mostly made of wood.

Shutters are an alternative to blinds, roller blinds and other sun shading systems. Their charm is that they distribute the sun’s rays in the room differently — more or less intensively. It is also possible to adjust angles of incidence of the sun rays.

Interior shutters are not an obstacle when you open or close a window so the comfort of use is not compromised. The undoubted advantage of this type of internal sun protection system is the aspect of additional insulation. Closed shutters can restrict the flow of hot air from outside to some extent.


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