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If you have ever heard of desert safari bike racing, then you also have heard of Dubai. This is one of the most pleasurable adventures you can experience at Dubai deserts. In this blog, we are going to have a detailed look at why Dubai is known for its desert safari bike racing and how you can enjoy this great Dubai desert motorbike adventure.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is a modern city situated in the middle of the desert. Dubai offers many tourist destinations including shopping malls, big buildings and towers, and the most significant deserts in the world. Dubai is the business, cultural, and tourism hub in the middle east. Being a modern and bustling city, the close desert with the city makes its tourists crazy. You can reach the Arabian Desert in just twenty minutes of a drive from the center of the city.

Desert Safari in Dubai

Many people around the globe book a desert safari to take a break from their busy life and enjoy the creativity of nature. There are various kinds of desert safari offered by tour companies including morning safari, dune buggy safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari. Of the most common and tourist’s favorite activity is desert safari bike racing in Dubai. There are many magnificent tracks offering unlimited adventure and fun to you.

Many events occur in the deserts of Dubai such as horse racing, camel racing, buggy racing, and bike racing. Millions of tourists take from all around the world take part in these events to enjoy their lives.

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Procedures to desert safari bike racing:

To make this adventure safe and convenient for you, there are certain procedures you have to follow to stay safe and sound in the Dubai desert motorbike journey. We are going to briefly describe those procedures for your convenience.

Wear protective gear:

Before starting your desert safari bike racing your priority should be your protective gear. In case of any accidents, it can save you from minor injuries to serious bodily injury. This protective gear includes a racing helmet, full sleeves shirt and pants, safety goggles, hand gloves, full boots, and shoulder, chest, knee, and elbow guards to make sure safety of you.

Understand your vehicle:

Before bike racing, you should understand your bike well. You should know where the brakes, clutch, and throttle are located and how it works. You can have few practice sessions before the actual bike racing to make you comfortable with your bike and its handlebar sensitivity. When you feel that you have got enough grip on your ride, you can dive into actual desert safari bike racing.

Riding procedure:

If you are a beginner or trying bike racing first time, it is recommended to proceed slowly. While turning around corners, you have to be extra careful. If you are taking the corners fast, your bike may get unstable ultimately falling you off. Always place your fingers near the brakes so in case of any hurdle or emergency you can quickly engage the brakes to stop your bike. You should always be ready to slow down your bike or making it stop. Read more: buggy Dubai desert


So, to enjoy ultimate bike racing in Dubai deserts, you can always book them before your tour. There are many tour operators in Dubai offering desert safari bike racing services. We suggest you book or avail the services from trusted tour agencies like Desert safari bike racing adventure in Dubai only to make sure that everything goes right. You should try this at least one time to get the most out of your life.


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