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Emirates ID Status- Several Facts to Know in Detail

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As we all know very well that people from different parts of the world prefer to work in different countries to earn handsome amount of money. Well, this would be a great initiative for everyone to settle their life and family well. Earning a handsome livelihood is very much important and everyone should have to put their struggle for this thing to make it possible. Do you know which country is the preferred choice for everyone to live and work these days?

UAE (United Arab Emirates) is the top listed countries these days where people from different parts of the world has been settled and they are earning a better livelihood to manage their lifestyle perfectly. No doubt, the land of UAE is much fertile for everyone and it will also provide you quality benefits in return.

As different countries have their rules and regulations, UAE has also their own strict rules but, these rules are highly beneficial for the employees there. UAE government has always applied those rules which are highly effective and beneficial by all means.

If you are thinking to move UAE, you must have to know some important factors that will guide you thoroughly all the way. UAE government has introduced an impressive solution in shape of Emirates ID which is entirely effective and beneficial for their employees living on their land. We will let you know in detail about checking the Emirates ID status and what type of quality benefits it will give you in return.

What is Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is a document which is compulsory for every resident in the UAE to hold after the visa stamp on the passport. This document is valid for the duration of your visa validity that will be extended if your employer wants you to be in their organization. You can use Emirates ID for several purposes and it will be helpful for you in any section out there. After getting the visa, you will get a reference number which also help you in emirates ID status check respectively. After getting the emirates ID number, everyone should have to track emirates ID application status that will be effective for everyone to know every detail.

When you will visit the https://www.ica.gov.ae/ which is Federal Authority of Identity Citizenship (FAIC) you will get the option there which is check emirates ID status and you have to put the serial number to track the information. No matter, in which country you are right now, you can easily emirates id status check online process without any hassle. In short, Emirates ID tracking is the main document or card for everyone in which it has every type of detail which you need to show that you are working in the UAE legally and you are also spending your days as a decent citizen. From your medical insurance status to banking details, everything is in the Emirates ID and it will guard you everywhere in the UAE.

Several other things we will let you know which you could better manage through Emirates ID card Status respectively.

Emirates ID Card with Ultimate Options

Following are the main things which everyone has to know in detail about having the Emirates ID card with them and where they could use Emirates ID online status respectively.

1.    How to Check Medical Insurance Status with Emirates ID?

Before going in the discussion, here you need to know that people who have a valid job or residential visa status in Dubai, UAE also have the facility of medical insurance to by the Government. You will be given a medical insurance as well and you can also take medical facilities in case of emergency.

Here we will share with you the complete process of checking Medical Insurance status via Emirates ID.

  • The first thing you need to do is to login to your https://www.ica.gov.ae/ account
  • Here you need to click the option Medical status check which is display on the top right corner
  • In this section you need to fill your Emirates ID number and press Login option
  • Here you will see the status in detail in front of your screen respectively.

2.    How to Check Emirates ID Status Online?

It is very much easy and reliable option to check your Emirates ID status online in which you just have to provide the data by the Government. When any person apply for the first time for Emirates ID status, it may not get much time to get completed the whole process and everything will get manage in a better way.

Applications for entry permits and visas submitted in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, or Fujairah, you can follow the Emirates ID Card Status of the application and verify its submission through the channel  via Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. You Check the Emirates ID Card Status by following These Steps

  • Open the link www.ica.gov.ae on your mobile or laptop respectively.
  • You will allot a reference number or tracking number at the time of applying the Emirates ID.
  • On the screen, left top corner you will an option which is “Check Emirates ID status”
  • Click on the option and you will see the option on the screen that will be enough for you to track the whole result.

3.    Emirates ID Renewal Process and Charges

The first and the most important thing you have to follow and for applying the Visa in Emirates and Pass the entire Medical Tests respectively. Here, you need one more thing to know that Covid-19 Test is a mandatory Part of it. So, With Clear Medical Test reports you have to fill the citizens and residents Emirates ID Form which you can get from any of the computer typing Center in Dubai. You can also get this from ICA Centers in UAE respectively. If Both Methods are not available for you, then Simply Open the Official ICA portal and Directly Print out citizens and residents Emirates ID Card From.

You can also check the status for renewing the citizens and residents Emirates ID card for citizens. Once it expires, is mandatory for all ages and groups, as the Emirates Identity Authority provides several available channels, one of which can be used to complete its services easily, are as follows

  • Happiness Service Centers
  • Emirates Identity Center website
  • Smart application
  • Printing offices

The Fee structure of Emirates ID is as follow along with complete details.

The citizens and residents Emirates Identity Authority have also set renewal service fees, as follows:

  • AED 100: Fees for issuing a card, valid for 5 years.
    AED 200: Fees for issuing a card, valid for 10 years.
    AED 40: a service fee.
    AED 150: an urgent service fee.
    AED 30: Typing Office Fee.
    Customer’s happiness centers
    290 AED (100 + 40 + 150): Fees for issuing a card valid for 5 years.
    390 UAE dirham (200 + 40 + 150): Fees for issuing a card, valid for 10 years
    Smart application / electronic form system
    140 AED (100 + 40): Fees for issuing a card, valid for 5 years.
    240 UAE dirham (200 + 40): fees for issuing a card, valid for 10 years
    Printing offices
     170 UAE dirham (100 + 40 + 30): Fees for issuing a card valid for 5 years.
    270 AED (200 + 40 + 30): Fees for issuing a card valid for 10 years.

Renewal Old Emirates ID card

If you want to check the status citizens and residents Emirates ID Card which has expired, then you have to follows these requirements.

  • Provide the Original or Photo Copy of your Emirates ID card and check the status.
  • Original Passport also required with Residence Visa.
  • Fill the citizens and residents Emirates ID card Form and submit it to the ICA office.

After complete these all the steps now final steps come which is you have to pay the Emirates id Card Fees and check the status. Which is the same for the Lost ID card or Renewal ID card, which you can also check the status,

  • 2 Years Emirates ID card Fees are 270 AED.
  • 3 Years Emirates ID card Fees are 370 AED.
  • IF you have lost Emirates ID Card then, you have to pay an Extra 100 AED.

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4.    How to Check Fines with Emirates ID?

Emirates ID are also your National Identity by the Dubai Government. All Government services are Directly Connected with this Card. So, if you get any fine on your Emirates ID card, then you have to pay these fines in any cause. The Government of Dubai, UAE is much strict about it and you have to pay the fine in any case. For checking the fines on Your Emirates ID card, you have to follow these steps and you will get complete guidelines about it.

  • Open this website where you will see all types of fines you have to pay to the government of Dubai https://es.adpolice.gov.ae/
  • Now you will see there a new page where Different Options are available on the screen respectively.
  • Here you have to Choose the Individual service Inquiry by the Emirates id. You could better track the fine via entering the valid Emirate ID respectively.
  • Choose this one and Write your Emirates id number by viewing the number from your Emirates ID card.
  • Write the Image Code into the given Box and Click to Submit Button.

5.    How to Check Emirates ID Cancellation Status?

As we all have an idea about this thing that Emirates ID has included all types of information in it and you can better check every status through it. Once, It will get block by any chance, you have to check the status immediately. The blockage of Emirates ID will also block everything in the UAE for you even your bank account will also affect through this thing. Here we will share with you the complete procedure that will allow you to check the cancellation of Emirate ID by all means.

  • You need to visit Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website which is www.ica.gov.ae
  • Here you need to provide the Emirate ID number mentioned on your card to check the valid status by all means.
  • A Pop up will be appearing in front of you and you will definitely find this thing useful and smart by all means.

6.    How to Track Emirates ID status?

Every type of Emirate ID related status you need to visit www.ica.gov.ae and everything you could better check through this thing.

7.    How to get visa status in UAE by Emirates ID?

The same solution you need to apply here for checking the Visa status through Emirates ID card number. We have already provided you the information that you need www.ica.gov.ae and select the tab of visa status from there and everything will be in front of you. You could better bring changes in it if something will be shown negative about your visa status. If you find anything like this, we will recommend you to directly visit government department in this regard.

8.    How to Check Emirates ID Status with Passport Number?

Your valid passport is the main key that will help you out to track any type of useful information online in UAE. Visit (FAIC) website and use your passport number to track the Emirates ID status respectively. The main thing we would like to share with you here is that the passport number is the main key that will create your Emirates ID card and it will be useful for you to move anywhere in Dubai UAE by holding your Emirates ID in your pocket.

All these information are much useful and effective for you to know in detail and you will never find anything disturbing in it by any chance. www.ica.gov.ae is the main online portal for everyone to check every type of information which has already in your Emirates ID card.