Everything You Need to Know About Emirates Post

If you want to send something to the loved one from UAE’s who reside far away, Emirates Post is one of the greatest and most dependable alternatives in town. Emirates Post is the UAE’s national postal operator. You may deliver goods or papers to anybody in the UAE or abroad using Emirates’ logistical solutions.

About Emirates Post Dubai

Emirates Post is the state’s main postal service provider. It is a division of the Emirates Post Group. Emirates Post’s CEO is Abdullah Mohammad Al Ashram.

As a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the UAE meets with regional and worldwide postal administrations regularly to share experiences, discuss strategy, and simplify operations.

The Emirates postal system is trusted across the world since it is backed by the government. People are unquestionably more at ease conducting business with the government. Adoption of technologically enhanced operating systems and machinery assisted in the launch of new services.

Today, all of their post offices are automated via their point-of-sale (POS) system. The mail sorting center for the country is unique and one of the largest in the area, located in the Emirates Post main hub in Umm Ramool, Dubai. Almost every aspect of its operations is automated.


It all started in the UAE on August 19, 1909, with the establishment of the first postal agency in Dubai.

Over the next half-century, it evolved into a well-established postal body, having offices in all seven emirates. The postal services were first administered by the Indian Post Office Services until India’s independence in 1947, then they were reorganized as the General Directorate of Postal Services under the Ministry of Communications in 1972, following the creation of the UAE.

Since then, the country’s postal system has evolved from camel-back letters to same-day mail, worldwide service, and much more.

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Its services include postal and courier delivery. It provides foreign currency, money transfer, and large-volume commercial printing services through its primary subsidiaries.

Emirates Post management opted to seek new revenue streams to stay relevant. They expanded their current operations to include non-postal and third-party services. Registered mail, packages, and other postal services are the company’s mainstay. They did, however, include official services such as renewing trade licenses and obtaining an Emirates ID.

Third-party providers, such as insurance and retail firms, are involved in other services. Today, the post office offers around 55 services. The change is a part of the international progressive post office transformation.

Today, one of the most popular non-postal services is quick utility bill payment, followed by money transfers. Express Mail Services (EMS) and packages are the most sought-after postal services.

Emirates Post Group

Emirates Post Group is an Emirates Investment Authority (EIA) Public Joint Stock Company that operates as a commercial business across the emirates. The Company, located in Dubai, is the official organization in charge of licensing all postal, courier, and logistical services in the UAE.

 It is responsible for the planning for its postal operations division and subsidiaries, which include Emirates Post, the region’s major postal and express service provider, Wall Street Exchange, and the Electronic Documents Centre.

The Electronic Documents Centre (EDC) was established to produce huge amounts of mail for major organizations using direct mail and hybrid mail. It also entered the money transfer and remittance business. Which resulted in the formation of Emirates Post Group in 2007, with Emirates Post, Empost, EDC, and Wall Street Exchange becoming subsidiaries. Currently, the Group employs around 2224 employees.

The Emirates Post Group is constantly striving to provide postal services and solutions that correspond to the latest trends in global postal services, with a focus on making post offices one-stop shops that offer multiple services via a network of over 115 post offices, driven by the goal of constantly increasing customer satisfaction and adhering to corporate social responsibility principles.

The Group provides high-quality services in both the postal and non-postal sectors. It offers customized mailing solutions, local and international Express Mail, domestic and international courier services, and money transfer (Instant Cash service and UPU’s International Financial System) in postal services.

The UAE is now the only Arab country to have received three international prizes for rapid mail delivery. No surprise the Emirates Post Group (EPG) courier service delivers worldwide delivery to any region of the world in one to seven days. Emirates Post Group (EPG) courier service delivers worldwide delivery to any location in the world in one to seven days.

How to send Parcels via Emirates Post?

The procedure of sending your item with Emirates Post is quite simple. You’re done if you follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Log in or register for an account with Emirates Post online.
  2. Select one of the choices listed in the ‘parcel service’ tab.
  3. It’ll take you to a service page.
  4. If you select the β€˜To benefit from this service option, you will be sent to a booking page.
  5. Enter the material’s weight, origin, dimensions, destination, and monetary value.
  6. When you enter your information, the system will calculate the shipping cost for you.
  7. You can confirm your reservation if this appears to be a good fit for you.

Conditions of Emirates Post Shipping

The size, weight, and length of an Emirates Post cargo are all subject to limitations. Emirates Post reports that

  • The maximum package size should be less than 1.5 meters.
  • The package’s maximum length and circumference shall not exceed 3 meters.
  • The maximum weight of a package for international shipment is 30 kg.
  • The maximum weight for local shipment should be less than 20 kg.

Shipping Cost from Emirates Post

The cost of shipping varies depending on the location and the kind of service you select. For example, if you want to send a package from Emirates Hotel to Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, the Premium option will cost you AED 150 (excluding VAT), Express AED 30, and Standard AED 2.

Time Duration for Emirates Post to Transfer The Parcel?

The premium option is generally converted on the same day. The express option is often delivered the next business day, while the regular option takes at least three working days.

Emirates Post Tracking

Once you’ve sent your item for shipping, you may track it online to see where it is in the delivery process. You can monitor and trace all of your Emirates Post orders using the various tracking websites associated with the Emirates Post Group.

They are a third-party parcel tracking technology (also known as a multi-carrier tracking tool) that allows online parcel tracking of international postal carriers. To monitor and trace a single international or domestic parcel, input a tracking number, air waybill (AWB) number, or reference number; to track numerous packages, use CSV upload or the restful shipment tracking API.

This is what you need to do to monitor your post:

  • Go to the Parcel Monitor main page.
  • Fill up your Emirates tracking number.
  • Examine the tracking information presented on your device.

When you check the status of bulk international parcels shipped by Emirates Post, these sites will provide all tracking data from both the origin and destination countries in one location. On the Emirates Post shipment tracking result page, you may also subscribe to email delivery notifications to get alerts whenever your purchase status changes.

You may monitor your postal item being delivered by Emirates Post by simply going to the main page of the tracking site and input your Emirates tracking number, and the specifics of your item will be displayed on the screen. All of your orders, including airmail, post office orders, express mail, and registered orders, will be shown on a single page determining the location and status of your sending.

Some of the popular sites where you can track your parcels are:

  1. Aftership
  2. TrackingMore
  3. Post Track
  4. Parcel Monitor
  5. Parcels App

In addition to Emirates Post, several more courier services in Dubai guarantee the arrival of all your items. Whether it’s a cake you’d want to give your loved ones for their birthday or a clothing item you’d like them to try on for the next family wedding, Emirates Post sends virtually anything.

If you are on a tight budget, you may also save money by utilizing certain inexpensive courier services in Dubai.

Getting a PO box in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates does not utilize a postal or zip code system. As a result, if any of your offshore or international clients want to mail you something, inform them that there is no precise ZIP code they may use for delivery. Instead, you will give them a Post Office Box number (P.O. Box).

Emirates Post’s PO Box service provides clients – both corporate and individuals – with an official and verified mailing address for safe and confidential correspondence as well as the reception of all international and domestic letters and deliveries.

Emirates Post’s service offering has been significantly streamlined and enhanced. Individuals now have two options: My Box or My Home for personal use, while corporations have three: Corporate Box, Ezimail Bronze, and Ezimail Gold. It has also greatly simplified the process of renewing or applying for a PO Box membership online.

There are two delivery options:

Gold, which allows for six days of delivery per week, and

Bronze, which allows for one day per week.

Individuals and corporations can also now designate a representative or agent to pick up mail from the PO Box at no extra expense for the first year.

This implies that if you hire an office, you must also rent a P. O. Box from Emirates Post. To rent a Personal PO Box in the UAE:


  • To rent a P.O. Box, you must have all of your corporation paperwork on hand. To put it another way, you must first finish the company registration procedure. As soon as the firm is created, it must provide a copy of its trading license to Emirates Post, as well as complete, sign, and stamp the necessary application form.
  • You will also need to send a passport photo of the company’s management, as well as copies of their passport and Emirates ID. If you have a free zone company, you may be asked to produce a NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) from your registration authority, which you will need to seek separately from the free zone authorities.
  • Application Form duly completed, signed, and stamped (the form may be obtained at any empost branch or Company Trade License)
  • Form of Authorization (Can be obtained at the empost branch)
  • The approved person’s Emirates ID must be valid.
  • The clearance will cost approximately AED 100+VAT
  • 2 passport-sized photographs
  • A copy of your valid visa
  • Passport copy


  • After you’ve completed the preceding documentation, go to the branch where you wish to rent the P.O. Box
  • Go to the PO Box rental counter with money and your Emirates ID
  • Fill out the form, pay the money, and receive the key if a PO Box is available.
  • and finish the process in less than 10 minutes.


Alternatively, you may apply online. Visit the EPG website and navigate to

Home > E-Services >Rent and Renew a P.O. Box.

The yearly leasing fee for a P.O. Box begins at AED 900, plus an extra AED 100 for registration.

The renting period for a P.O. Box begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. As a result, if you come, apply, and pay for the P.O. Box service in April, your rental payment for the first year will be prorated, and instead of paying AED 900, you will spend nearly twice as much.

Charges and Features

P.O. Box Illumination:

This is the most basic and often used rental P.O. Box. This service costs about AED 900 per year.

In addition to the yearly cost, there will be a registration charge, a processing fee, and VAT, for a total fee of around AED 1050. As a result, we recommend that you bring additional cash or pay with a debit/credit card.

Standard P.O. Box

The annual price for this service is around AED 1900, which includes 1 mailbag in addition to the LightBox rental.

Bronze EziMail

This service costs about AED 3,500 per year. It includes weekly mail pickup and delivery, as well as other essential services.

Silver EziMail

This service costs AED 6,000 per year. It covers mail collection and delivery three times each week, as well as basic services.

EziMail Gold 

This service costs about AED 12,000 per year. It includes daily mail pickup and delivery six days a week.

Virtual P.O. Boxes for Businesses

The service is specifically designed for Business Centers and Free Zones where mail is sent to the business center via the Ezi-Mail service subscription

Customers that relocate from the Business Centre to a physical office location may keep their virtual P.O. Box number provided they subscribe to one of the Ezi-Mail bundles. The virtual P.O. Box in one of the EPG branches cannot be changed to an actual P.O. Box.

This service costs about AED 900 per year.

Emirates post PO Box Renewal

You should keep in mind that once the P.O. Box is rented, you must guarantee that its registration is renewed on time. Every year on January 1st, the rented P.O. Box must be renewed. The Emirates Post Office provides a grace period for renewing or cancelling the rented P.O. Box.

The grace period is usually the first two months of each year.

Documentation Required:

  • Application Form duly completed, signed, and stamped (the form may be acquired at any of the emirates post branches)
  • Trade Permit
  • Form of Authorization
  • The approved person’s Emirates ID must be valid.

Emirates Post Contact

Call Center: 600 5 99999

Fax: 04-3340333

Email: custservice@emiratespost.ae

Website: www.emiratespost.ae

Emirates Post Group Head Office

Call Center: +971 4 230 3000

Fax: +971 4 214 8884

Email: custservice@emiratespost.ae

Website: www.epg.ae/

Address: Marrakech Street, Garhoud, Next To Al Mawakeb School

    Pobox: 99999

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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