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Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai VR Park Visits

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Being the number one tourist destination in the world, the United Arab Emirates has the pressure of providing the best quality experience and attractions to the tourist. The country is committing to the cause by offering a virtual reality park visit which is one of a kind in the whole world. The virtual reality park is established in Dubai, which is a haven for locals and tourists.

Although the gamers and adventurous souls are quite knowledgeable about the operations of virtual reality parks, the general public, curious to explore them, often feels nervous and confused. There is nothing to get confused about. The virtual park is so mesmerizing that you will lose track of time once you get inside and start exploring. Knowing a few questions beforehand can surely boost your experience.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore some of the frequently asked questions about virtual reality park visits and make the most out of your trip.

Top 8 FAQs You Should Know Before Dubai VR Park Visit

Exploring and enjoying each and every activity in virtual parks is an activity included in the bucket list of many people. It is the activity that can give the necessary and much-needed adrenaline rush that will keep you excited and mesmerized for a long time. However, if you are delaying your trip due to concerns and queries, it is time to resolve them and plan your trip.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions you should know before your VR Park visit to enjoy it to the fullest.

1. When is the best time to visit VR Park?

The VR Park is open from 12 pm to 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday, that is the weekdays. On weekends, i.e., Friday and Saturday, the facility is open from 10 am to 12 am. You can visit the park at any time when it is open. However, the best time to pay a visit is during the weekdays as it is less crowded then. Some people even get VR park Dubai tickets online to save up more time and enjoy the adventures there.

2. What are the ticket prices?

Entry to the virtual reality park is free for visitors. However, if you want to explore the rides and enjoy other adventures at the facility, you will have to buy tickets for that. The ticket prices vary from ride to ride and according to the adventure. Still, an average price range is between 79 Emirati dirhams to 200 Emirati dirhams.

3. Does VR Park offer any packages?

The virtual reality park in Dubai offers three different types of packages. The first one is soft play, which is available in 79 AED. The second package is a three-month membership of soft play package, which is available at the rate of 139 AED. The last package is pay and play, in which the players can buy credit and get bonuses as they keep on playing. The price of this package starts from 200 AED.

4. Which are the best rides at VR Park Dubai?

The virtual reality park in Dubai has more than eighteen immersive rides and experience for VR lovers. Some of the best and most popular rides at the facility include:

  • APE-Burj Drop
  • The Raft
  • John Wick Chronicles
  • Dune Bash
  • Dubai Drone

5. Are children allowed at VR Park?

Children are allowed at the virtual reality park in Dubai. However, the underage or minors should be accompanied by adults to explore and experience a variety of rides at the facility. The ticket price for rides and adventures is also the same for minors as the ticket prices for adults.

6. Are there any restrictions at the VR Park?

The virtual reality park has a set standard of rules and regulations, which can also be termed as restrictions. Firstly, no food items and even beverages are allowed inside the facility. Secondly, the visitors must meet the height and size criteria to enjoy the adventures. Lastly, the visitors should be in the best of health conditions to avoid any mishap.

7. Where can one get VR park tickets?

Although entry to the virtual reality park is free, the visitors need tickets to enjoy rides and other experiences. You can get the tickets once you reach the facility. However, you will need to get in the queue, which can take a long time. You can also buy tickets online and save up the time of being in the queue and enjoy the experience in a hassle-free manner.

Plan Your Visit Now and Enjoy It to The Fullest!

Now that you have explored the frequently asked questions, you would have got the answer to most of your queries and concerns. So, plan your visit now and add to your life memories. Get the tickets online, so you do not have to suffer later on.