All You Need To Know About Global Village Dubai

Global Village, the region’s largest and first multi-cultural festival park, was conceived and built in 1997 and is a huge 1.6 million square metre attraction for the entire family. It is a one-stop shop for entertainment, shopping, dining, and rides, bringing you on a voyage across the world, connecting cultures, and generating amazement. It is located in the heart of Dubai on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, E 311 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About Global Village Dubai

Global village brings together the cultures of 90 countries from across the world in one location. It markets itself as the largest tourism, leisure, retail, and entertainment project in the world. It is the first cultural, entertainment, family, and retail attraction in the region.

The Village is divided into four parts. Events like concerts, carnivals, cuisine, and shopping are all included in this area. Food from all around the world will be available in the food aisle. Concerts, carnivals, and retail therapy are all the same.

Despite its seasonality, Global Village attracts about 7 million visitors each season, making it the world’s fourth busiest theme park. The theme-based park seeks to bring together remarkable individuals from all over the world to inspire awe and reinvent cultural experiences, which is inherent to its cross-sectoral and varied fabric.

Global Village, which harnesses the world’s variety and creativity into unique experiences, appeals to people of all ages and ethnicities, creating and sustaining true human relationships. Global Village seeks to generate enjoyment in every moment by appreciating the diversity and wonder of our planet, to bridge the gap and bring the globe together.

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Global Village 2020/21

Global Village 2020 marked the park’s silver jubilee (25th Edition), and in keeping with the concept, the new season of Global Village opened on October 25 and continued for 25 weeks, ending on April 18, 2021. Another difference for this season is that the Saturday opening hours have been increased. From 2 p.m. to 11 p.m., the park was open (it was previously open from 4 pm until midnight).

there are 26 world pavilions, several cultural events, carnival rides, street food vendors, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the region’s first oddity museum, and much more.

How Many Global Pavilions Are There?

At Global Village Dubai, there are 26 pavilions to explore, representing 78 countries from across the world. Turkey, Pakistan, Al-Sanaa, Europe, Khalifa Foundation, Americas, Thailand, Palestine – Jordan, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Syria, Japan, South Korea, China, Africa, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain – Kuwait, and, of course, the United Arab Emirates, are among the pavilions. Russia, Cambodia, and Vietnam are all-new this year.

Global Village UAE aims to host over 40,000 events, exhibitions, and activities to commemorate its Silver Jubilee. The Dubai Municipality has also given the multicultural event site the “Dubai Assured” seal, demonstrating that all required health standards are in place for guest safety.

What to Expect from Global Village?

At this renowned entertainment and retail location, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained. Let’s have a look at all the activities you can do at Global Village 2020, Dubai before you plan your trip. That way, you’ll know precisely what you’re getting yourself into at this year’s event and how you want to spend your time there.


A visit to Global Village will allow you to see the world’s cultural variety in action. The fair, which is one of the greatest venues in Dubai for family-friendly activities, offers a variety of fun and engaging activities for people of all ages.

With the reopening of the Global Village this year, expect to liven up your time in Dubai with daredevil performances, and street food stalls. There’s a historic village, the main stage for daily events, a mission speed stunt show, and a kids’ theatre at Global Village, in addition to the pavilions. There are fire fountain displays, an Indian chaat bazaar, and a floating market along Kiosk Street, as well as plenty of delicious street cuisine. There’s also a large carnival with a variety of rides.

Here’s everything the 25th edition of Global Village has to offer in detail, from shopping to entertainment.


The Global Village fair is perfect for anybody who wishes to enjoy the finest of “bazaar-style” shopping. Several retail brands and businesses from across the world will put up pavilions and stores at the celebrations, as they do every year.

Pavilions For Countries

At the village, countries from all over the world will have their pavilions with products and food items representative of their culture, tradition, and history. According to the park’s website, pavilions representing nations from the Middle East, Far East, Europe, Africa, South Asia, and the Americas will be open throughout Season 25.

Retail Stores

Because of the numerous booths and retail businesses that intend to set up shop here, the festival has always been a shopper’s dream. Visitors may buy at various branded retail shops in addition to the numerous booths maintained by small business owners in the international pavilions. XPressions Style, Anwar Dar Al Oud Perfumes, Sahar Qamar, and others are among them.


What good is a carnival if there isn’t anything to eat? At Global Village, there are lots of street food vendors and sit-down restaurants where tourists may sample flavours from across the world. There will be 140 food kiosks in Season 25 of Global Village, the majority of which will be placed on the dedicated food street.

Authentic Thai, Egyptian koshari, Turkish potato, dynamite shrimp, hot dogs, pizza cones, kebabs, burgers, shawarma, churros, raclette cheese, Louisiana fried chicken, and Japanese sweets are just a few of the delectable dishes on offer.

Visitors may also sample cuisine from the many food carts, cafés, and restaurants. Visitors may visit the Floating Market, which has vendors on boats serving East Asian cuisines, as well as the Indian chaat bazaar, fruit bazaar, and other food markets. Candy floss, salted corn, Karak tea, or the renowned traditional Emirati dessert luqaimat – fried dough dumplings with syrup or honey – are all available for a quick meal or a drink on the move.

The various restaurants provide everything from biryani to grills, with cuisines spanning from Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, East Asian, and Italian, for a leisurely sit-down meal with family or friends.

Prepare yourself for a taste of real cuisines and a gastronomic experience that will take you on a roller coaster of flavours — these Global Village booths and restaurants are a must-visit for foodies in Dubai.

Special Events And More

Apart from retail therapy, Global Village Dubai will provide lots of entertainment for tourists, including street artists, kid-friendly entertainment, and more.

Stage Performances

During the festival’s 24th season, acts including Ballet Revolucion, Bollywood Icon, and Fiestaval delighted audiences. These stage acts will continue to enthral you in Season 25. Aside from that, the following shows will be included at this year’s Global Village festival:

  • Battle for the Block is a street dancing competition that pits different dance groups against each other.
  • Watch the Philippines-based dance crew, Urban Crew, perform live.
  • The Enchanted Forest is a retelling of the Red Riding Hood narrative with fresh twists and turns.
  • Enjoy the best KPop songs at Global Village 2020 with KPOP Krazy.
  • African Spirit – behold the expert African entertainers – dancers, drummers, and vocalists light up the Global Village stage with their performances.

Kids’ Entertainment

PJ Masks and Angry Birds, among other costumed TV characters, performed on stage during Global Village 2019. These shows, as well as others like Chota Bheem and Ben & Holly, will keep them entertained this year.

Entertainment On The Street

The Double Dutch Skippers, Bollywood Flash Mob, and other “scintillating street performers” will perform at the fair.

The Stunts SHOWS

At Global Village Dubai 2020, expect to see death-defying stunts. The festival’s 25th season promises to be as thrilling as the last, with buggies, tanks, gravity-defying stunts, and explosions.

Carnaval Of The Dubai Global Village

Global Village is a one-stop-shop for the whole family, including the children. The ‘Carnaval’ section at Global Village is at the top of the list of kid-friendly activities. With its amazing selection of skill-based activities, over 100 arcade games, and over 31 thrilling rides, the site will keep you occupied for hours.

Special Events In Global Villages

The Global Village hasn’t released its complete schedule of activities for this year, but here’s a rundown of the ones we know about thus far:

  • Every week on Thursday and Friday at 9:00 p.m., there will be fireworks.
    • The Rockin’ 1000 Global Gig is a virtual concert with over 2,500 performers that will take place on Friday, October 30, 2020.

Wheelchair Facility at Global Village

Wheelchair access is provided within the pavilion, behind the Burj Khalifa replica, at the main entrance. It is free for the first two hours, after which it costs 10 AED each hour. They just collect a deposit of about 100 AED or more, which is refunded once the wheelchair is returned. Because Global Village is so large, it is advised that persons with mobility issues utilise a wheelchair to shop in the pavilions.

Safety Measures at Global village

There will be rigorous health and safety guidelines to adhere to. All visitors are required to:

  • Face masks should be worn at all times.
  • Maintain a 2-metre physical separation from others.
  • Guests over the age of 65 and those suffering from chronic diseases should avoid busy places throughout their visit.
  • If you have a cough or a fever, you should avoid going to Global Village.

The Park will also feature the following as preventative measures:

  • All-access points have thermal cameras installed.
  • Over 600 hand sanitizers have been put across the park.
  • After each usage, disinfect shopping carts, wheelchairs, and kiosk utensils.
  • Restaurant tables and chairs are physically separated and disinfected.
  • A dedicated sitting section in front of the stage with physical separation

VIP Packages for the Global Village

This year marks the 25th year of the event! The Global Village has partnered up with Virgin Megastore to provide VIP Packs to commemorate its Silver Jubilee. The Silver Jubilee VIP Packs will be available for purchase on the Virgin Megastore website starting October 3rd, 2020. At the Global Village, VIP Pack holders will receive a slew of incentives, including:

  • Parking for VIPs
  • Bypassing the line
  • Reservations at a restaurant
  • A dedicated concierge service and a VIP hotline are available.
  • Global Village partners have exclusive deals for you.

Here’s how much the VIP bundles will set you back:

  • AED 5,000 (Platinum)
  • AED 1,800 for gold
  • AED 1,200 for silver

Exclusive discounts from Dubai Parks & Resorts, The Green Planet, Roxy Cinemas, and Laguna Waterpark are also included in the bundles. Your VIP Pack will be sent to you regardless of where you live in the UAE. Per Emirates ID, you may purchase up to eight packets.

Timing For The Global Village In 2020

Mondays are family days, therefore while the Global Village Dubai hours stay the same, only women, couples, and families are permitted admission unless Monday is also a public holiday. Overall, Monday is one of the most popular days to visit the park is the Global Village family day.

Otherwise, timings are:

  • 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday (last entry at 11:30 pm)
  • 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Thursdays and Fridays (last entry at 12:30 pm)
  • 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Saturday

Tickets For The 2020 Global Village

From 03:30 pm until a half-hour before the park closes, tickets to the Global Village can be purchased at the entrance. To pay for your tickets and other purchases at Global Village 2020, you can also download the GV app from the App Store or Google Play.

The Gate of the World and the Cultural Gate are the two gates via which visitors to the Global Village 2020 Dubai can enter. The following is a list of ticket prices:

  • Ticket to the Global Village costs AED 15 per person.
  • Children under the age of three and elderly citizens over the age of 65 are admitted free of charge.
  • Entrance is free of charge for People of Determination with one caregiver.

The purchase of Global Village entrance tickets is subject to the following terms and restrictions.

  • Season 25 tickets are good from October 2020 to April 2021, or until further notice.
  • All tickets purchased for Global Village are non-refundable.
  • On the day of purchase, an admission ticket is only good for a single entry for one individual. For numerous entries, the same cannot be used.
  • Free access for determined persons is only guaranteed based on their ID cards.
  • The ticket price includes a 5% VAT.
  • Animals and pets are not allowed within the Global Village Park.
  • All parts of the park, including restaurants and the funfair, are smoke-free zones.
  • Hoverboards, tricycles, bicycles, roller skates, and skateboards are not permitted inside the Global Village par

What Is The Best Way To Get To Global Village?

Those who live in Motor City or villas in Arabian Ranches may easily access the Global Village site. The Park is easily accessible by vehicle since it is located along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, near the Cityland Mall. Driving or using one of Dubai’s car-sharing programmes is the best method to get to Global Village.

Take bus 102, 103, 104, or106 if you’re looking for public transportation. Each of the four buses will take you directly to Global Village. Furthermore, using the bus is the most cost-effective method to get to the site. It’s also a good idea to keep track of the Global Village’s opening and closing times so you don’t miss the final bus out.

Global Village Parking

There are around 23,000 parking spots accessible at the site, with numerous departure and entry options. With a total capacity of 18300 cars, Dubai Global Village boasts one of the largest parking facilities in Dubai. There are two types of parking available. One is free general parking, and the other is VIP parking, which is paid to park. There is also valet parking available. To and from the parking, there is a free rail and shuttle bus.


Location: Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road

Contact: +971-4-362-4114

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