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How to care about linen fabrics: What to know

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Linen is often thought to be a sort of sophisticated type of material that requires a specialist to properly be taken care of. However, this myth is simply untrue, and today, we’re here to break it once and for all.

We believe that taking care of linen and making sure it maintains its beauty for years to come, is as easy as for any other type of material out there. Not many know this, but linen has been used as a material since the earliest days of mankind, meaning that not only maintenance but manufacturing it is as easy as it gets.

Today, we will talk about how to take care of linen clothing like linen pants and so on. Be sure to follow these rules closely to maintain your clothing properly as well as to choose your next set of posh clothing.

Can I and do I need to dry clean my linen clothing?

To put it simply, no you do not need to use only dry cleaning methods to clean up your linen fabrics. If the materials have been properly manufactured, you shouldn’t have any problems hand washing your clothes as well as machine washing them.

Of course, more sophisticated clothes like linen suits or jackets can only be dry cleaned. That’s not related to the materials itself, but the way the clothing is constructed. Most linen clothing can be washed in your normal methods.

Always remember to carefully follow the instructions of your clothing item and before proceeding with a full wash. Test out how your item will react to the washing on a small hidden area.

Is linen a better choice than cotton?

Both linen and cotton are considered to be prestigious clothing materials. However if you want durability, your best bet is to of course go with linen instead of cotton.

You see, cotton wears out over time and over multiple washes it does weaken. Meanwhile linen is much simpler in its structure and of course is more durable in that sense.

How do you correctly wash linen?

The goal here should be to wash linen in soft and low-temperature water. One neat thing about the material is the fact that it becomes softer and softer after each careful wash.

Another thing is of course you have a gentle cycle in your washing as to not damage the fibres of clothing. You need to follow the instructions from the manufacturer of your clothing as well.

How to dry your linen clothing?

It can easily be done in your washing machine using a simple tumble drying method. However, you must ensure that the temperatures are low for your water.

You should remove the clothes from the dryer while they’re still a bit damp as to not stiffen up the linen. Lie the clothes down to allow them to completely dry them.

Can you iron linen?

Many people find the whole ironing of their clothes process to be quite troublesome. When it comes to linen, the good thing is that ironing them is not necessary at all. That is unless it has become really crushed.

However, if you enjoy ironing your clothes properly and on the regular, then by all means iron them. Especially when the linen is still a bit damp from your washing. You should go for a medium heat setting on your iron as well.

It’s also key to remember that brighter colored linen must be ironed from both sides. Where as darker linen should only be done on one side.

Where should I store my linen clothing?

When it comes to storage, there are also some additional things to keep in mind. It’s best to store linen clothes somewhere dry and cool and not in plastic containers, cardboard boxes or chests.

Another great thing about linen is the fact that you don’t need to worry about things like insects or moths attacking your clothing. This is due to the fact that linen has an in-built repellent for such things, making it unattractive for bugs.

If you pick up your clothes after a while, give them some air and washem properly, if needed to do so.

All in all

In this article, we’ve discovered the many advantages that linen clothing offers to its owners, as well as how to clean and properly take care of it. It’s not difficult to see why so many people love linen. So much as it’s easy to clean, dry, iron and of course then can be dried.

If you’re considering purchasing some new clothing when it comes to prestigious materials. It’s difficult not to consider linen as it not only looks great, but is very durable and dependable for its owners.

Consider what clothes you need and then properly study what online shops are offering in terms of proper clothing for your usage.

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