How to check Etisalat Balance

If you want to check your Etisalat balance you can simply dial *121#

If you want to find prepaid offers and promotions simply dial *101#

To get Deal of the Day you just need to dial *050#

How to check Etisalat data balance

To check your internet data balance you need to download the app called My Etisalat and the other method is you simply need to dial *170#

Why Choose Etisalat to Handle Your International Calls?

Etisalat is one of the leading telecom service providers in the Arab world. It was established in Saudi Arabia in the early nineties with the first franchised call facility in the Kingdom.

Etisalat today has over a dozen call centres in Dubai, where it operates its wide range of telecom services including call handling, back-up and other network services.

Etisalat also has operations in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, the Philippines and Egypt international markets. Etisalat’s management team consists of seasoned executives from industry veterans who are passionate about their customers and about service delivery.

Etisalat is known for its pioneering work in mobile telephony.

It introduced the first cell phone powered by the Internet. Nowadays, it offers innovative and cost-efficient mobile devices powered by the Internet. It further added voice calling and multimedia features such as video and high-definition voice transmission. Etisalat’s international expansion and consequent growth are supported by aggressive marketing strategy and advanced technology.

Etisalat enjoys tremendous customer strength in Egypt and the Middle East.

Its revenue exceeds that of all leading telecom operators in the region. Its Egypt international telecom sales force is deployed in the largest and most developed Egypt, with the most efficient call centre in the region.

The company has direct access to a profitable and fast growing residential market, offering competitive tariffs and a huge choice of wireless services.

Etisalat Egypt has an extensive, adaptable and flexible infrastructure. It uses advanced communication technologies including the IBSS, MPLS and BPL.

It also provides the customers with highly cost effective call centre outsourcing services. The company ensures that its customer’s data security is of paramount importance.

The company is fully committed to providing the best business solutions to its clients.

It ensures that all their calls are answered promptly and effectively. They have proficient and qualified call centre agents who work with their clients round the clock to provide them with the best services. The experienced agents are provided with the latest equipment and tools required for efficient call centre operations.

Customer care is of paramount importance to Etisalat.

It maintains a customer base of over six million people and has achieved steady growth in the past few years. It strives to enhance the quality and satisfaction levels of its customer base.

Etisalat Egypt continues to evolve technologically.

It has enhanced the quality of its services and products. It provides advanced communication and network services to its customers.

This endeavor is aimed at maintaining a competitive advantage in the market. In order to compete with other leading companies, it has made a concerted effort to reduce its cost of running a business.

Business through the call centre experience has thus gained importance for many business-orientated organizations. It is a cheaper option as well as a convenient mode of communication.

There is no better way of getting in touch with your clientele than through this method. Plus, there is no need to go out of your office or home. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop to carry on with your business.

This highly-regarded service provider is equipped with skilled professionals who are in a position to cater to your needs and requirements.

The trained employees at the Etisalat call centre are experienced enough to handle all forms of emergencies and concerns on behalf of your company.

They can assist you in developing professional speaking and persuasive skills. They can also aid in taking your product or service to the next level by improving it. All this is possible only when you hire Etisalat call centres.

The experienced employees at a Etisalat call centre understand the importance of good relations. They strive to maintain and strengthen these relationships.

This enables your business to progress and grow. It enables both you and your client to have a strong relationship and strong working rapport.

There are a number of reasons why you should prefer to deal with Etisalat rather than other call centres.

The first is the personal touch. Unlike many call centres outsourcing services, Etisalat allows you the flexibility to speak to their representative in person. Moreover, they offer personalized customer care services which are unique in the market.


If you are considering an international call, there is no better option than to contact an Etisalat call centre. The trained employees at such centers will understand your business better than any other global call centre.

They are also familiar with the different currencies of various countries. So, if you want to receive calls in your local language, you can easily do so.

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