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How to earn extra money in Dubai?

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Who doesn’t want a little extra money – in their pocket? If this is the case, and you want to make a lot of money in Dubai, there are a lot of options available to you. Let’s take a peek at some of them.


Blogging is one of the best tools that business people can use to promote themselves in the internet. A blog (also a shortened form of weblog) is a web log (analogous to diary) that displays updated information in reverse chronological order, with recent posts appearing at the top, and the oldest posts at the bottom. Blogging is very useful for two reasons: first, to draw traffic to your site; and second, to increase your search engine ranking for the same keywords. Blogging for profit has a simple purpose: to get your website higher up in Google’s SERPs, a high place on Google’s search results page means more hits to your site and therefore more potential customers.

There are many different ways of monetizing your blogging to make money. Some bloggers who use their blogs as vehicles for their own businesses sell advertising on them. Others offer services such as consultancy on a fee. Some even sell ad space on their blogs to bring in extra cash.

Another way of making money through blogging is by selling your writing. Many bloggers sell articles with their blogs. These writers can be hired by other companies to write content specifically for their websites and blogs. This can add up to a lot of money for you as well. If you do not have your own blogs, you can also start offering services such as editorial writing for other companies, which can be useful for both small businesses and large corporations. In short, blogging is a great way to generate income from your online diary or website, and if done correctly, can generate you a significant amount of income from just writing a few articles on your blogs.


What is Freelancing? Freelancing is one of those words that everyone knows and an almost daily occurrence in today’s internet world. Freelancing, freelancer, or contractor, are words commonly used for someone who is independent and not necessarily tied down to any one employer long term. Freelancers can be contracted by companies to complete specific projects or jobs, and they are typically paid on a per-project or hourly basis.

In addition to the above typical definition, there are other ways of looking at freelancing. Some see it as a relatively new field that has only recently begun to boom, while others look at it much differently. For example, many freelancers today are actually web developers, who are hired by small or new start-up companies to build their websites from the ground up. This is where much of the confusion comes in, as a new company may hire a lot of its employees on freelance sites like odesk or place to do the work for them in order to build up their presence in the market. When the site does launch, they usually outsource a huge portion of their work to freelancers on smaller sites such as Guru.

What is Freelancing? The bottom line is that freelancing is one of the most flexible work arrangements available today. With a global economy constantly changing and fluctuating, there is more need than ever for freelance contractors all over the world to be able to get started and establish themselves. If you have the ability to pick and choose what projects you take on, you have the ability to be your own boss. All you have to do is get started making money online!

Tour guide

A person who is a tour guide is someone who travels and makes arrangements for tourists to travel. This could be someone who has knowledge of certain places around the world, or it could be a person who does these tours for a living. A person who is a tour guide is the one who makes arrangements for a group of people to visit a particular place so that they can have a great time while they are there. This could be done either on a one-to-one basis with the tourist or with a company who has many tour guides working for them.

Tour guides are always seen as the friendly, outgoing types, and this is often true but who is actually behind all the smiles that are placed upon their faces when people ask them questions? First of all, tour guides do not have any idea of the places they are taking a group of tourists to visit. They are just hired help and they are the ones who know how to get the tourist’s attention and make them laugh. They are the ones who lighten up a tense situation by being the life of the party and making everyone feel relaxed and at ease. They are also the ones who do not forget to take pictures and snap some fun videos of the tourist destinations.

Another thing that makes one think about who is a tour guide? Well, aside from the fact that the person looks like a tour guide with the thick white hair and big glasses, they are the ones who know how to conduct themselves in such a way that they do not cause any disturbance in any way. They keep to themselves and keep their cool. They do not bark or give out instructions and do not take offense if the tourist inquires about anything they are not sure about.


Photography is the art, technique, and science of capturing fine details of light, by either by film, by using an optical lens, or optically by using a light-sensing material like photographic film. This art form has grown immensely popular over the last couple of decades, as more people have been taking pictures as a hobby. With the advent of digital cameras and cell phones with built-in camera capabilities, it is now easier than ever to take high quality photographs even when you are on the go. In fact, most people use their cell phones as their primary camera, since it allows them to capture stills, videos, and even photographs while they are traveling or going about normal daily activities.

Photography is not as difficult as it may seem, even for the novice photographer. All it takes is a little patience, the right type of camera, the right type of lens, and the ability to focus correctly. When using digital cameras, one should keep in mind that they have less flexibility in terms of focusing than traditional film cameras, so it is important to learn how to focus properly before starting a photograph.

Focusing is actually quite simple when it is mastered, which is why it is important to take note of everything you do in order to achieve your desired result. The first thing that you should do when taking photographs is to develop a plan, which is basically a written guide of what you want to photograph, the time and setting you want your shutter speed and aperture to be, etc. After developing your plan, you will then be able to focus on finding a suitable photograph that is subject to the same conditions and using the same camera settings as you used to take the other photograph. Once you have focused on your intended subject, your digital camera will automatically focus on the photograph and will begin to take a picture.

Assist others

It is not enough that you have a genuine desire to help others. You must be extremely honest about your intentions or else you could find yourself having difficulty maintaining the integrity of your promise to help. When an individual asks you how to assist others in any given situation, it is important to take responsibility for your actions. While no one can force you to tell the truth, you should be able to provide a truthful answer. The truth of the matter is that there are potentially negative consequences when you fail to be completely honest with a person who asks how to assist others. This holds true even if you are trying to help a complete stranger.

If you have decided that you need to ask how to assist others in a certain situation, then the best way to proceed is to be extremely honest. If you are unsure of whether you should share your personal details with another individual, you should ask for their opinion. One of the most difficult situations that anyone will ever face is when they are being asked to help someone but feel that they could jeopardize their own personal future by failing to give accurate and truthful answers to that person. There are both short term and long term consequences that could result from failing to help others. A person’s career and reputation could be negatively affected if they decide to conceal information from a potential client.

One of the best ways to be completely honest with someone who needs your assistance is to ensure that all details are put down on paper. This includes all phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and anything else that you think might be required. It is also important to remember that if you fail to keep your word to one individual then you may find yourself in the same situation as that person when they ask you how to assist others. If you have any doubts about how to assist others, it is best to consult with a professional before taking any drastic actions.

Rent a car

What is Rent a Car? A car rental, hire auto, or vehicle hire service is a business which leases cars for short periods of time, usually ranging from some days to a couple of weeks. Car Rentals are available in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Many people find renting a car to be a cost effective way to take a long distant trip and not only do they get to visit their holiday destination quicker, they save money by not having to buy a new car while they are there. However, with the many Car Rental services available, it is important to choose the right one for you and your family’s needs.

When choosing a car-rental service, whether it is for a couple of days or for a whole vacation, there are a number of things to consider. One is the size of the car you need to rent. In general, if you wish to take more than one person with you, then you should look for a car rental service which offers bigger cars with more room. If you do not intend to do much driving, then choosing a smaller compact car may be better for you. Once you have decided on the size of car that you require, you can start searching for it. The easiest way to find a car is online, where there are so many companies who offer various types of car rentals at a very affordable price.

Before you begin your search for what is to rent a car? it is best to do some basic research, such as comparing the cost of car rental agencies, the reputation of car hire agencies, what you need to pay when you rent a car and what the policies and terms are regarding rentals. You may also want to compare the different types of rental cars available, such as, economy, compact, mini van, caravans, trucks, buses, SUVs, sedans, convertibleibles and sports cars.

Website testing

Website testing is the codename given to computer-aided testing, which focuses on specific web applications. Complete testing of an operational web-based application before it is released to the public can often help to solve problems before the application is made available to the general public. Most businesses will not have the budget to allow for a major redesign of their website in order to find and fix errors and problems. However, in some cases minor changes and enhancements may be needed to make the site run more smoothly and efficiently, and to ensure that it meets the business’ specific needs and requirements. For this reason, web application testing often goes hand-in-hand with the creation of the website.

Testing kits for website testing companies are generally comprised of several different components. First, a collection of error and compatibility reports is generated. These reports can be used to identify areas of concern and suggest areas for improvement. After the reports have been generated, the testers will write detailed reports about the functionality of the site and any areas that they feel could require adjustment.

The second component of website testing is to evaluate the security measures employed by the development process. No business wants to trust the end product because the application has been poorly designed and constructed or contains vulnerabilities that could lose the website or its information. Through the initial evaluation of the security measures in place, the tester can better understand the need for added security measures, and can eliminate areas where the need for security is unnecessary. Finally, the tester will assess the functional aspects of the website. These include things such as how user interfaces display the information, how the layout flows, and whether the navigation functions accurately and consistently. When these areas are correctly functional, the development process can move forward with a greater degree of confidence in the site’s overall performance.


A disc jockey, also known as DJ, is someone who sets up and operates a sound system to play recorded music on a disc. Most common forms of DJing are: radio DJs, nightclub DJs, portable DJs, and turntables. Some DJs work exclusively as entertainment agents in clubs or restaurants, but many DJs work privately in their own DJing capacity.

Today the role of the disc jockey has expanded into an all-encompassing profession. Technological development and globalization have made DJing less reliant on a specific style. As such, today’s DJs can be found performing both live and DJ fashion at weddings, clubbing events, corporate events, fundraisers, house parties, and school and college functions. Disc jockeys not only play the essential role of sound systems at such events, but they often act as event planners and are responsible for coordinating DJ entertainment for set-ups and other events.

The rise of hip-hop and rap music in the late 1970s paved the way for the DJ to emerge as an important and influential figure in American popular culture. Many DJ’s became overnight sensations by playing obscure records in clubs and bars and putting them on the dance mixes that were heard all over the country. In fact, there is no doubt that the DJ was becoming an integral part of American life in the late 1970s.

Run YouTube channel

It may seem more difficult to learn how to make a YouTube channel than it really is to launch with any of the other major social networks. But if you know what you are doing, building a YouTube Channel is really quite simple and fast. YouTube offers a “make video” button that can be clicked on by visitors. This will launch the video sharing application and display a window where a visitor can upload their own video. Once the video has been uploaded, it can be viewed from all across the world by visiting the individual website where the video has been uploaded.

However, YouTube is arguably the most popular online social network among U.S. residents, so making a YouTube channel is an excellent opportunity to build an internet brand identity for your company or organization. Almost three-quarters of Americans currently use the video sharing website, according to a recent study, compared to the 6% who use Facebook to connect to the web. Building a YouTube Channel will allow you to connect with a larger customer base, as well as establish your own brand in an increasingly competitive marketplace. And if you already have an existing account, YouTube can help you with brand account creation.

The first step to get started is to find an appropriate topic or theme to help establish the tone or direction of your YouTube Channel. If you’re launching a video content channel to share your expertise on a particular niche, then the best thing to do is to select a specific product or service that you can offer your viewers. You may also want to create a general news-feed that can serve as your hub for various videos that you publish. Another option is to become an affiliate or associate with other online companies. This can help you get started in promoting their products and services and can help you get more viewers and subscribers to your channel. If you have an existing website or blog that already has video content, you can integrate the latest updates into your site.

There are also some other methods like.

  • Flea Market selling
  • Event planning
  • Part-time employment
  • Take care of pets
  • Teach your abilities to other
  • Make money with your hobbies
  • Arrange for lodging
  • An influencer on social media
  • Have babysitting services
  • Sell your clothes on the internet
  • Demonstrate your culinary abilities


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