How to get a job in Dubai on a visit visa?

You may reach the emirate on a visitor or tourist visa to look for work and then change your visa status after you’ve found work. However, before going to Dubai on a visit visa to look for work, make sure you practice the following tips to improve your odds of getting a job:

  • Create an appealing and trustworthy CV.
  • Make touch with relatives or friends who have already shifted to Dubai.
  • Always preferable to go in with reference if possible. If not, communicate with individuals or resources such as web websites (e.g., LinkedIn, Upwork, etc.) to avoid being scammed.
  • Set aside money for three months’ worth of expenses (transport, lodging, food, SIM card, and so on.)
  • Always demonstrate your availability for interviews and attend as many interviews as possible and give it your all. Be respectful with your approach, be clear in your expertise in your CV, and
  • Provide accurate contact information.