How to save money in Dubai?

If you’re an ex-pat trying to work out how to save money in Dubai, here’s what we suggest you do.

1. Make a savings plan and stick to it.

2. Make and commit to a monthly budget.

3. Purchase your groceries in bulk.

4. Use food ordering apps to filter for deals, or reduce restaurant budgets.

5. Raise the temperature of your room AC by one degree, it will make a difference over a year.

6. Create a fitness routine of your own rather than going to GYM.

7. Go to GITEX and the Dubai Shopping Festival to do cheap shopping.

8. Create an emergency fund.

9. If you have loans, think about consolidating them.

10. If you live in an apartment? Leasing should be renegotiated.

11. If you have a mortgage? Request that the bank reduces the interest rate. 12. Before investing, ensure that the investments are diverse.