How to start a business in Dubai with no money?

Here are some businesses you can launch in the UAE without investing or at least an investment of money to help you pursue your career goal.

  • Pet sitting

Pets are now owned by a growing number of UAE citizens.

You are responsible for preparing food exercising, and caring for the pet while the owner is gone. A service on which you can charge a fee of about AED 80 per home visit.

  • Teaching

If you already have a talent that someone else would be interested in learning, you’re probably sitting on a brilliant low-cost business concept. You may teach an instrument, a language, martial arts, animation, crafts, or an academic subject like Math, English, or Science.

  • Home Cleaning

Private house care is no longer a luxury operation reserved for the rich. In today’s world, the busy UAE foreigner is both less in time and more in cash – so why waste time cleaning your house when you can get paid to clean someone else house?

  • Social Media Manager

Aside from licensing, the start-up expenses are virtually nil. You’ll need a laptop and an internet connection, which most UAE residents do have.