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Ratibi Prepaid Card_ The most convenient Card to Cary

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Ratibi is a wage payroll solution, specially planned for workers earning up to AED 5,000 per month. This workers’ wages would be paid directly on their cards, without the need for a bank account. Ratibi seeks to substitute conventional checks and payment systems for companies.

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), also known as FAB or First Abu Dhabi Bank, is a bank based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Ratibi NBAD is issued payroll cards that enable the Clients to withdraw money from automatic teller machines and make online or POS transactions.

A prepaid can be loaded with the amount you want to pay and is issued by a bank or financial institution. While a debit card is connected to your bank account and a credit card offers credit, a prepaid card does not require any bank deposits and does not provide credit. Ratibi NBAD cards can be topped up by you or a third party, and you can spend online and offline until the remaining balance is depleted. So, when you have a credit card, you don’t need a deposit. You’re using funds that have already been invested in a bank or other financial institution.

How to Check Salary in Nbad Card Fab Ratibi Card?


How NBAD Ratibi card started?

In 2008, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) introduced the Ratibi prepaid card solution. This salary payroll approach proved to be very useful in corporate settings where owners would pay wages to their workers in a suitable and reliable manner. Before that company owners used to pay wages in the old-fashioned way, with checks or currency.

Through the Ratibi prepaid cards, the FAB (formerly known as NBAD) revolutionised the entire corporate sector. Ratibi NBAD cards enabled people to use them in POS and NBAD ATM balance inquiry all over the world, making payroll processing quicker than ever. It also waived the requirement for opening a new bank account and keeping a positive balance.

Employees earning more than AED 5000 per month benefited greatly from this approach. Customers collected their salaries in ratibi cards without any inconvenience, and businesses were given the opportunity to initiate a monthly transfer. Corporates used ratibi cards instead of cash for wages, which reduced the expense of processing and payment of cheques.

With Ratibi you can make safe deposits at supermarkets and deposit/withdraw money from a wide variety of ATM networks that are connected with the Ratibi Payroll Prepaid Card all around the world, without the need for a bank account, sparing you money on banking fees.

Since the main aim of Ratibi cards is to accept checks from employers without inconvenience, it is not possible to deposit more money into an NBAD Salary Card by yourself.

Benefits of being NBAD Ratibi card holder:

  • Free personal accident insurance:
    • Personal injury insurance is provided for free. In the case of the cardholder’s death or lifelong complete disability as a result of an injury, he or she is entitled to 5 times their monthly pay, up to a limit of AED 25,000.
    • Hospitalization for at least 24 hours due to an accident: A regular cash bonus of AED 50 is available to you (for a maximum period of 30 days subject to a total of AED 1,500)
  • Connection to the world’s biggest ATM and CDM network. Available 24/7 for free
  • There are no annual fees or minimum balance requirements for cardholders.
  • Each salary credit comes with a free SMS alert.
  • It can be used at any ATM, in-store, or online.
  • It can be used at VISA/MasterCard networks worldwide
  • Customer service is available through our 24/7 call centre
  • At FAB ATMs, cardholders can choose their own “PIN.”
  • 100% compliant with the UAE Government’s WPS guidelines
  • Payit, a fully featured digital wallet designed to be a lifestyle companion, is available with your Ratibi card and can be used through an infinite range of partners and retailers across the UAE.

Eligibility for Ratibi NBAD Card

Employees and employers must meet such requirements in order to be eligible for Ratibi cards and facilities, according to the FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank).

  • An account with FAB bank is needed for the employer or business owner.
  • Only UAE employees and workers are eligible for Ratibi cards.
  • The KYC paperwork should be sent to FAB in order to ensure that workers are qualified.

Step to Apply for Rabiti Prepaid Card

The Ratibi Prepaid Card application process is simple, but you should only apply if you meet the FAB’s eligibility criteria, which are listed above. The following are the steps to take in order to apply:

  • Download Ratibi Card Application Form and printed it.
  • Correctly fill out the employee and other details.
  • Send this form to any FAB branch or community banking branch near you.
  • After your application is approved, you must print and complete an iBanking application form before being able to use FAB’s online card management function.

Ratibi NBAD Card Salary/Balance Inquiry

NBAD PPC is a bank-developed prepaid card request system that makes requesting an NBAD prepaid balance online simple and convenient. Employers can provide instruction to their staff about how to use the NBAD prepaid card requesting service so that they can NBAD bank balance enquiry on their Ratibi card at any time.

However, you can take these quick measures to check the balance of your NBAD Ratibi salary card:

  • Insert the last two digits of the card number into the NBAD prepaid card system.
  • Enter the card’s id number, which can be located at the bottom of the card’s front.
  • Press the GO button.
  • You can view the “Transaction Screen” after entering the correct details. Your account’s last ten transactions will be shown there.
  • By determining the number of transactions or the transaction date, one may easily check the transactions. For each transaction, it displays the overall balance, the credit number, and the debit amount.

The UAE WPS protocols are followed when providing Ratibi services. WPS will address the issue of UAE employees earning less than 5,000 dirhams a month who are unable to access managed financial goods. Employers, on the other hand, avoid the expenses and dangers of paying compensation in the form of checks or cash, as was the case previously.


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