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Shared web hosting vs WordPress hosting

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When taking a look into website creation we need to understand a couple of things. There are multiple ways to create a website, but you certainly need a place to keep it somewhere. Here where we meet hosts. We will discuss 2 types of hosts in this article. The first one has shared web hosting and another one is WordPress hosting variances.

What are the key differences between Shared web hosting providers and WordPress?

Differentiating these two types, WordPress hosting and shared web hosting we can mention that shared hosting is considerably low-cost compared with WordPress hosting.

Shared hosting plans let you share space with other sites on a specific server.  And WordPress hosting is a platform with its own servers that are optimized.

Further, we will share additional options for your website hosting.

Disclosing relevant information about shared web hosting

Simply put this type of service enables you to rent space as you rent an apartment. You are living there as long as you pay for it (of course if the landlord is rich, perhaps you can live for a month for free).

Shared hosting puts your website in a server with other websites, that how your website comes available online, and people can visit it after it is indexed by a search engine, but more about that elsewhere.

There are many possible plans to choose from and each one of them has its own terms and pricing. Of course, if it costs more then there are more benefits.

Term dedicated hosting is also a thing in shared web hosting. When talking about shared hosting meaning, as mentioned before – a single server is divided into a lot of pieces and provides spacing for multiple websites.

And dedicated hosting is the opposite, where a single website has all the space in the physical server for himself.

When we talk about shared hosting it is of course cheaper than dedicated hosting because you share a server. It is mostly used by smaller businesses and e-commerce sites.

When a low cost is certainly a primary benefit there are downsides to this type of hosting. Due to the fact that you need to share a server with others, the performance of your website can decrease.

The speed of a website could also be decreased if other websites which are also linked to the same server have a lot of traffic.

Additionally, security measurements also could be affected.

WordPress and its way to go

WordPress is considered to be the most popular and probably the biggest website host and builder in the market. It is a service that allows you to pretty much start a website and maintain a quality website along the way.

WordPress is relatively similar to the standard shared hosting that we discussed previously.
But WordPress does have much more to offer than only shared web hosting. They provide shared hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, and much more.

Its price varies from 4$ to hundreds of dollars. It is very versatile, that is why the price range is so wide. You can have shared hosting with a purchased domain and a few plugins. And there you have it, a decent website for a 4$ monthly fee.

But by any means WordPress is not the same as shared hosting plans, as mentioned above, WordPress has various options to choose from including shared hosting.

What is important is that WordPress hosting provides significantly better security and performance indicators.

Shared web hosting plans and WordPress hosting plans

WordPress may offer you access to specific features such as updates, plugins, pre-installed features and so much more. Also including live chat support and other ways of communications.

Either you can choose managed or unmanaged WordPress plans. Unmanaged plans do not optimize your site and leave server management up to you. When managed plans offer a lot of help and optimization for you. But keep in mind that it costs a bit more.
What to choose?

Neither option is correct, traditional shared web hosting and WordPress have their own advantages and disadvantages, thus there should be some homework done before picking. But when comparing both of them one by one it should be a bit simpler.

Importance of picking the right one

It is important to choose the right one especially when you are only starting off, it should be less costly and simple to use, WordPress is indeed easy to use but it could be a bit overwhelming.

When taking a look into certain shared hosting service providers you may encounter much simpler interfaces in the working environment, thus this could let you make your mind.

Further, if you have a specific budget for a website, consider having a look at a managed hosting plan. As mentioned before, they are more expensive than shared and unmanaged hosting plans, but the work will be more effective. The expert will take care of your website.

You can even ask an expert to create your website design or anything else. When with shared hosting service providers you can expert only a platform with a set of tools to work with.

Although there are no correct answers, both options are valuable in their own way and the platform has its own advantages. Highly recommended is to assess each option separately. Decide what is needed for your business and how much the company is willing to spend.


This part of your journey on the internet is crucial, the service provider you’ll pick should be the one that you love working with. After you consider something else after this step it is going to be a headache to relocate your website under others’ provided shell.

Shared web hosting is much more popular than dedicated or managed hosting. But it does not mean that they are not the ones you need to pick for your website.

Just keep in mind that shared hostings are cheaper and do not provide performance and security-increasing services.

And dedicated, WordPress managed to host plans do come with increased security measurements and better performance indicators but they are certainly more expensive.

Learn more or get introduced to one of the shared web hosting providers on Hostens.com


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