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The Secret of Curtains Voile to Know

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Modern designer trends suggest considering as a window treatment light airy sheers without heavy curtains. Sheer curtain, made of voile, net, or organza,  also known as tulle is called transparent and translucent fabrics used with or without blackout curtains in Dubai

Curtains voile became popular due to its beautiful appearance. This delicate material is pleasant to touch. The texture of voile curtain fabric is similar to a fine mesh net. Regardless of the composition, all thin, transparent materials obtained by the plain weaving method are referred to as voiles.

Classification of Curtains Voile

The quality of voile curtains depends on the yarn used and the density of the weave. Main materials, used for the production of voiles, are:

  • Linen, characterised by high air breathability and lightness.
  • Silk, with its gloss flowing texture.
  • Woollen voiles have heat-shielding qualities, while they are lightweight.
  • Polyester  sheers are silky and breathable.

Curtains Voile Benefits

  • Light transmission and soft texture makes it possible to form beautiful folds.
  • Variety of color solutions.
  • Such sheers can be decorated with embroidery, guipure inserts, etching, applique.
  • The use of multi-layer voile curtains allows you to bring to life the most daring ideas.
  • Affordability.
  • Versatility.
  • Ease of use.
  • Weightlessness and smoothness.
  • Visual expansion of space.
  • Easy replacement.

If you want to buy voile curtains, consider disadvantages of this material:

  • May lose the original color over time.
  • Collects dust.
  • It is pretty hard to get rid of greasy stains.

Voile Curtain Peculiarities

Voile curtains are thin, translucent, and flying. They transmit light and air well due to the special structure of the fabric. Its structure resembles a fine mesh. Voile is not the material name. Any translucent drapes can be called voile curtains. Most often, voile is made of 100% polyester.

More recently, voile curtains appeared only in the form of sheers playing the sidekick of window treatment in combination with drapes. Nowadays this airy fabric has become independent. The latest fashion trend is voile curtains used for window decoration without other fabrics.

At first glance, it may seem that such a window will look too “naked”, but nothing like that: an airy mist, creating beautiful folds or waves, looks very expressive. The voile curtains on eyelets look especially good, helping to create the perfect waves.


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