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The Top 10 Best Burgers in Dubai

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What is the most popular food in the world? Well, we want to give you a tip. This is a cooked patties containing sandwich. Yes, you guessed it! This is your favorite burger. We know you’re obsessed with finding the best burger. That’s why we simplify the process for you.

This article deals with the top 10 best burgers in Dubai that serve quality and prestigious burgers in the “Golden City” of Dubai.

Whether you are a Dubai citizen or planning to move apartment, this article will help you find the right place to eat. From vibrant textures to messy burgers, coordinated combinations to shabby offerings, these restaurants have it all. All of the burger restaurants on this list are market leaders in the online food delivery industry.

We have a big surprise for all the food lovers out there! Whether it’s a date, a social gathering or a family outing, these restaurants are suitable for any occasion. Get ready for classic upscale burgers, truffle burgers and many other delicacies. Read on and find a burger to taste!

High Joint, Al Safa

The high joint near the lighthouse is a typical bakery and grocery store. It can accommodate up to eight people at a time.

So if you want to spend time here, choose a group with the same number. Although in a random place, nice to see. Homegrown burger joint are the winners, allowing visitors to simply spell the wow factor with a one-sided menu.

This little-known place in Jumeira offers a menu of delicious burgers. High Millionaire is my personal favorite … a juicy burger with some light burger goals.

Homegrown burger joint is of course more of a fast-food restaurant, but the seating is also fun and different. The list is one page. So simple, but very good! Not to the average person, but to people who “love the flavors, love the sauce and can eat chitos on their burgers.”

If you are a fundamentalist, you prefer flavors. They even serve chitos on burgers. The restaurant’s bestseller is the Millionaires High burger.

Location: Al Safa 2 near Al Manara Road Cost: AED 35 for fast food

Five Guys

I know it’s another big mall, but there’s no denying that burgers really whet the appetite of burgers.

Five Guys is an American burger chain and true madness. They guarantee fresh ingredients and plenty of food and you will never be disappointed.

Five Guys are known for bringing you “real” food, even though it sticks to fast food style.

With six locations in Dubai, Five Guys is probably the most popular hamburger restaurant in Dubai.

Using organic ingredients chosen by their customers, they create one of the most delicious burgers you can eat in Dubai. The secret is their top combination.

You have 250,000 possible combinations to choose from. Also, you can try mixed and stir-fried mixes. It definitely sounds like a hearty meal.

Get ready to grab your burger and get a healthy deal today. Surprisingly, the sandwich is not a delicious potato or cheese roll, but a simple and tasty dish.

Get ready to live your life in the best way by adding tons of things to love.

They also tend to give you an unlimited bag of fries and peanuts for free when you dine there.

Location: Multiple Outlets across the city

Shake Shack

This is a period of shaky deal. Shake Shack redefines the concept of the modern burger. If you are a fan of messy burgers, Shake Shack may be the best burger for you in Dubai.

You can try some delicious burgers at Shake Shack. From a sidewalk burger stand, Shake Shack grew rapidly. Soft, fluffy rolls, burgers with rough edges and melted cheese give it a messy, homemade feel.

Trust us when we say that taste is worth the “mess”. Shake Shack serves fresh, high-quality dishes prepared with natural ingredients in 11 locations across the city. The ambiance and the cozy atmosphere of the place make this place an instant attraction for young people.

They have developed an app that allows you to order burgers from the seat. What is the best place for this type of delivery service? You do not have to pay for shipping.

Location: Multiple Outlets across the city


When it comes to burgers in Dubai, everyone is talking about salt.

Who doesn’t love stories of the underdog? Salt started out as a small food truck and soon became one of the most popular hamburger bars in Dubai.

Salt is a local brand known for smart marketing and some delicious sliders. A simple menu deals with quality, not quantity.

Just like the first one, this is a food truck that offers a transit experience. Most people are already familiar with this burger in Dubai. To date, Food Truck has grown into a full-fledged international company with branches all over the world.

You will not believe what you see when you see such a place in the desert. Yes, you read that right! Salt is the business that drives the “soft burger” trend.

Restaurants are changing the dining experience for customers. It provides the best combination of textures to convince you to eat your food in seconds.

Because your burgers are small, you can divide them into “two pieces”. Add some tasty potatoes and shake it, it will take some time to get rid of those calories.

Because these burgers are so small, you can eat two at a time and you can combine them with fries and a smoothie. Whether it is breakfast or a festive lunch, salt will not disappoint.

It’s worth it, We promise you!

Location: Kate Beach, Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, La Mar. They also have branches in Ras al-Jaime, Abu Dhabi, al-Ayin and even Saudi Arabia.

Meat Me There

Meat Me is our undisputed favorite burger for the best, juiciest, lightest and most unique burgers in town.

If you tell your friends about this place, you probably know nothing about it. You may want to meet someone special at Meat Me There.

He is the undisputed leader of Hamburg connoisseurs. As the name implies, the burger district is known for its non-vegetarian burgers. The meat is completely organic.

Their hamburger patty is made from black Australian beef instead of regular beef, which I think works in its favor. It gives the juice a different and interesting taste.

There is also a unique white bread cake filled with black sesame seeds. Your cheese chips come with melted Gruyere cheese instead of plastic ingredients that come out of a pump. My favorite and the perfect burger to enjoy.

One of the best sellers is the beef burger patty. The restaurant is the perfect place to hang out with your loved ones.

Meat Me Burger Joint is known for selling the highest quality burgers.

The great people behind this company are the first generation entrepreneurs Sofia and Sogol Yaragi. In fact, Burger Joint is the place where you can write your own food story.

Location: Al Souq Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Um Suqeim 2


Visit this hidden culinary destination in Dubai today and set yourself up for great success. You never know when you’ll find a gold key that opens the door to absolutely delicious food.

Let’s take a look at all the delicious hamburger flavors hidden in Parkers.

It’s a fun and stylish place to hang out with your friends. There are many items on the menu, including a separate breakfast set. However, the reason so many people visit Parker’s is to enjoy healthy burgers. Whether you prefer a beef burger or a chicken burger, Pike has two interesting options. If you are a mojito lover, this is the place for you.

You will love popular dishes like chocolate coffee, truffle hamburger, meat burger and more.

Satisfied Parker customers have overcome the skepticism of new immigrants that they will not even consider ordering the product. The atmosphere of the restaurant and the endless taste options of the restaurant make it an irresistible place for lunch and dinner.

Honestly, there is one I keep coming back to. Your truffle burger. The Wagyu truffle van consists of truffle farms, feta cheese and crispy onions. It may sound a little heavy to some, but it has to be one of my favorite burgers in Dubai. Try it and you will understand what I mean.

What are you waiting for? Visit Parker’s today for a wonderful and unforgettable culinary adventure.

 Location: Dubai Mall and La Mer.

Slider Station

Get ready for a roller coaster to eat delicious burgers.

Slider station is the first group of burgers in the world. While this place is technically known for its sliders, they also have great burgers.

They offer a unique combination of burgers, sauces and cheeses. The Slider Station captures the idea of ​​a 1940s American gas station with a premium “industrial chic” look. The menu also includes American entrees, grilled dishes, pancakes and unique desserts from the on-site Cocoa Patisserie.

You have to give it to the people at the Dubai-based Slider Station, Conveyor Burger Band with OG, and they have proven time and time again that a truly impressive staff of classic and gourmet sliders is not a gimmick.

The restaurant’s best-selling dish is All American, but there are other unique burger combinations to choose from. Get ready to fill sauces and cheeses.

Dripping, creative and delicious, go for it if you have no chance!

Location: Multiple Outlets across the city

Blaze Burgers

Another import (Blaze Burgers is legendary in Bahrain) directly affected the game at JBR.

With a mission to deliver beautifully crafted burgers, this cool industrial place is all about the “make your burger” concept.

Imagine a dream of eating food. We know your appetite will never be satisfied. So, when you can enjoy great food without breaking the bank, why waste it elsewhere?

We are talking about a local brand in Bahrain that takes your experience to the next level by customizing burgers. Get ready to enjoy on a low budget. The salient features of their dishes include artistic dishes, fresh and quality ingredients, choices and more.

Customization is an unfamiliar feature in the hamburger world, and the brand has already made history with this option. If you want to try burgers the old fashioned way, look no further than Blaze Burgers.

Do not let “do it yourself” scare you. The staff is very attentive and although the selection of spices for your hamburger can be overwhelming, we guarantee that the selection will be large, even the simple “Blaze Original” which includes lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ketchup, mustard, homemade pickled onions, cheddar. cheese. Cheese and charred cheddar … cannot be mistaken.

I mean, if a burger looks so good, how can you not?

You can follow the restaurant’s Instagram account called 6Abooga Burger. Start the day with personal care and feel the heat.

Location: JBR

Black Tap

When Black Tap first opened in Jumeirah Al Naseem, you usually had to wait 40 to 60 minutes to get in. The flavors of Black Tap are simple and direct, and every burger is made from scratch.

If you love the Dubai Mall, you are sure to come to this place where quality burgers are always kept fresh. This burger was born in New York and found its way to the glorious city of Dubai. One can know that the great location of this burger immediately makes it an attraction. What if we told you it’s just the icing on the cake?

An expensive hamburger joint with sloppy edges; Black Tap, known for its huge burgers and wild milkshakes, was in hype long before it arrived in Dubai. If you like burgers that fit your mouth – go here.

Black Tap has a stylish interior that allows you to move yourself into the golden age of hip-hop and R&B culture. Sit in a special booth and enjoy delicious burgers, toppings and salads. They have imprinted a niche in the world of burgers with their innovative Crazy Shake products.

 What else do you have? Spicy burgers are simple enough to make you forget about other dishes in the world.

Get ready for a full meal: These “artificial burgers” are upscale and come in a variety of options, from falafel burgers to vegan burgers to particularly delicious “pizza burgers”; However, if you are looking for a life-changing burger, please choose Greg Norman. Blue cheese on waggio meat, butter, dill, arugula – * too much mucus.

A fun evening and the burgers were delicious. Burgers are a bit pricey, starting at AED 75.

 Location: Jumeirah Al Naseem, Rixos Premium, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates

Good Burger

We have reached the end of the 10 best hamburger restaurants in Dubai. Would it not be sticky to say that the proof is in the name? It opened more than a year ago and has built a loyal customer base. Most people talk about spice pie. The secrets have been revealed, but no one can make them as they really are!

The success of the Good Burger stems from the seasoning of the patties and the excellent quality of ingredients. Would you like to enjoy a delicious roll of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion or cheese? Or do you just want a pinch of truffle aioli?

This place is one of the newest additions to Dubai’s hamburger scene. Founded by Maiz Tacos Kitchen in February 2020. They serve quality burgers.

Since its inception, Good Burger has expanded its menu to include fried chicken burgers, portobello mushroom burgers, fries and more. Their USP is how much they season their patties and the quality ingredients they use in the meat.

They also have a special burger for a collaboration they make with Maiz Tacos, which is a great Mexican chicken sandwich.

So, visit this burger site today and double the fun.

Location: JLT Cluster Y Lakeshore Tower at Maiz Tacos