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Top 10 Best Breakfast in Dubai

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It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in Dubai there are many delicious options.
The first bite in a huge breakfast tray or a simple slice of toast will set the mood for our day – this is how we wake up in the morning.
Fortunately, Dubai is full of great breakfast places to help start our day.
But we are all wondering where to get the best breakfast in Dubai because we have so many options. Here are just 10 of the many things we recommend to start the perfect day in Dubai.

Brunch & Cake in Dubai

One of the newest and most beautiful cafes in the Jumeirah circuit. It is a very beautiful setting that stands out in the hype surrounding Barcelona’s original outpost.

With a menu that includes everything from healthy acai bowls to delicious dreamy pie, Boho-Chic stands by its motto “In Grandma We Trust”. It can be hard to get a table during peak hours, but the wait is always worth it.

This Barcelona-born café is known for its Instagram-worthy dishes, especially breakfast. Everything is homemade, and breakfast lovers in the city can expect a fun twist in the classic brunch. Think of eggs benny on sweet charcoal bread, healthy, snickers bowls and chocolate sauce dipped brownie pancakes.

Your Instagram followers will be jealous of this restaurant that serves the best brunch in Dubai.

Official Website: http://www.brunchandcake.com/

Eggspectation in Dubai

The egg-focused restaurant on JBR Beach has become a pilgrimage destination for breakfast lovers, and its popularity at weekend is a tribute to its friendly staff and simple, delicious food.

The unique twist of the classic eggs Benedict are the heart of Eggspectation’s success.

The idea was proposed in Montreal in 1993. They started with some great ideas, a passion for innovation and unforgettable experiences.

From the beginning they wanted to take their favorite ingredients and creatively expand the culinary experience in a vibrant bar coffee atmosphere. This new level of innovation brings us today’s rich and varied egg menu. The menu includes Belgian waffles, butter pancakes, pasta, burgers, brioche French toast, steaks – and of course Eggs Benedict! These startups in Montreal have grown to provide fresh, clean and delicious modern American cuisine.

Even after 25 years, the place still look forward to celebrating the culture of customer friendliness, service focus, focus on better food, and most of all a warm respect for breakfast.

Official Website: http://eggspectation.com/

Bistro Des Arts in Dubai  

Bistro Des Arts is the perfect destination in the marina of Dubai, with a warm Parisian feel and above all, with balconies overlooking the water and attractive furniture.

Brunch this weekend – back to the traditional meaning of brunch instead of a Friday afternoon event in Dubai, this is a sensual treat for anyone looking for a French twist.

BDA, better known as Slice of Paris, was developed by Gates, a hospitality brand that offers a meticulous selection of food and beverages throughout Dubai. The also include Reform Social Grill and Nick & Scott’s Folly.

BDA offers great deals starting from AED 169 (every Sunday) including unlimited roast beef and daily happy hour.

Of course, we all deal with breakfast, and brunch at the weekend does a lot at the relatively cheap price of AED 119.

Customers have unlimited access to their buffet, which includes juices, breads, salads, pastries and sausages, as well as entrees (e.g., a cup of tea or coffee).

If that’s not enough, you can add 3 cocktails for 75 AED! Enjoy a delicious breakfast with a view of the marina before strolling along the promenade. Available every Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00.

Official Website: https://www.bistrodesarts.ae/

Leen’s Casual to Gourmet

This popular all-day dining restaurant has always been a popular meeting place in Dubai, serving long, light and delicious breakfasts.

The menu displayed on the tablet offers more than 20 breakfast options, from extra healthy to high-calorie.

This Thai beef and egg pan is a wake-up call for the senses, and the almond butter and strawberry pancakes.

Just a stone’s throw from the beach, this fresh and upscale restaurant open all day has long been a popular place for a relaxing and hearty breakfast.

Due to its proximity to the surf house of the same name – the cafe got a significant name change. Introducing Leen’s Casual to Gourmet, formerly The Surf Café.

The renewed interface in dark green is definitely noticeable. The tables are located on the incredibly spacious top level of a two-story building, and have a relaxed California feel.

The menu displayed on the tablet offers more than 20 breakfast options, from extra healthy to high-calorie.

We can opt for marzipan and strawberry muffins – which sound like a happy balance and gluten free. It is a compliment to the tempting Thai beef and egg pan on our table.

The portions are generous, and the combination of creamy almond butter, sweet strawberries and a reasonable amount of maple syrup makes the pancakes a hit.

The spiciness of the steak pan awakens the senses.

Official Website: http://www.leens.com/

LOWE in Dubai

Where’s the best breakfast in Dubai? LOW is our answer.

Everything in this fancy and modern restaurant is absolutely amazing, but most importantly, you should definitely try the amazing breakfast dishes for yourself. The menu adds interesting flavors to the morning treats, like a perfectly cooked Spanish omelet served with avocado puree and smoked salmon bread, and roasted peppers. Delicious waffles with miso ice cream are a real treat. Get it from LOW, there is no better place to have breakfast in Dubai in 2021.

Enjoy an award-winning breakfast at this great restaurant

How to make breakfast is a controversial topic. You’re in the “I do not have to cook on weekends” section or in the “I can make my eggs at home” section. However, the latter is unnecessary when eating breakfast at LOWE. Unless you are an experienced cook, you cannot prepare good food like what you will find here.

When it comes to creativity, LOWE’s has its eggs and soldiers oriented – and that’s valid for any meal of the day.

But we’re talking about lightning. Forget all the grain ideas; Think chia coconut seeds, acai sorbet, avocado puree and grilled shrimp, to name a few.

Our advice? Eat two servings for breakfast. Definitely not to be missed is the Spanish bread, perfectly baked with a firm top and a swaying dough, topped with generous amounts of wonderfully roasted aioli and salt and pepper.

Continue with their signature banana bread waffle. A huge and airy cake with the addition of candied walnuts, topped with miso sauce and maple syrup.

The combination of crispy noodles, cinnamon dough, ice cream and crispy caramel nuts wins, and even if you do not like desserts, it is not worth avoiding.

Open Wednesday-Thursday 6pm-10:30pm, Friday 8am-4pm, 6pm-10:30pm, Saturday 8am-4pm.

Official Website: http://www.lowe-dubai.com/

Fibber Magee’s in Dubai

This bar is one of the most popular breakfast places in Dubai. You can’t go wrong with a full Irish fried breakfast, and few in town do it better than this beloved legend. Great breakfast baps (make bacon butty) and serve breakfast all day so you don’t have to wake up early to get these chips.

An old Irish pub with a friendly atmosphere and delicious food

Fibbers is truly one of the most authentic bars in the city.

Close to Sheikh Zayed Road, this popular Irish pub is always lively, whether you were in one of its popular breakfast dishes or not (bacon, sausage, eggs or all of the above). Grab the game with a cup of black stuff and friends.

The place is full of old-fashioned corners, nooks and furniture, the place feels far from the central location of Dubai. It’s not brilliant or luxurious – but it’s fun and relaxing.

Live sporting events, noisy carpets, bare bricks, stained glass, low ceilings, sweatshirts, chimneys, black taps and more – everything you want and expect is here and there.

This is a great place to hang out during the day, have lunch and at night – especially if it hosts live comedy evenings where you can smile and enjoy the luxurious serenity all night.

And the food is good too. In addition to breakfast, Fibber Magee offers pancakes, casserole dishes and all the other hot ribs and snails you would expect at the Emerald Isle, while hot cheese on toast is our home-style pharmacy that keeps coming back.

It attracts many regular customers, the atmosphere here is warm, friendly and lively, no matter when you visit. It’s unique, it’s magnificent, it’s a treasure. This is one of those places you must visit at least once.

Official Website: http://www.fibbersdubai.com/

Kaftan in Dubai

This beautiful place in Umm Suqeim is popular at any time of the day or night. But this is one of the best breakfasts in Dubai and one that we highly recommend going to Umm Suqeim.

The breakfast menu is extensive and has everything you could want. Do not miss the honeycomb served with thick Turkish cream to start your day. We are not saying it is healthy, but you will love it.

The breakfast menu is extensive and has everything you could want. There are many egg dishes to choose from in the “omelets” section. So, if you like a classic brunch, you’re in luck.

Dishes include turkey and omelet delicious tomato, authentic turkey omelet with goat cheese and spinach, and eggs with turkey bacon to start the day.

Love sweets in the morning? Do not miss the thick Turkish honeycomb to start your day. We are not saying it is healthy, but you will love it.

In addition, if you are the one who needs a cup of coffee to start the morning, there is also a wide selection of types of coffee, especially in the strong Turkish version. It is also child-friendly and has a separate menu for children, so if you are looking to travel with the whole family on weekend mornings, you will be happy here.

Kaftan is one of the authentic Turkish dishes in the city. So, if you are looking for a breakfast different from your regular deep fryer, this is the meal you can add to your menu.

Official Website: http://www.kaftan-restaurant.com/

Arabian Tea House Café in Dubai

The route through the access path to Arabian Tea House Café shows that you will be pampered.

In the old house and the secret garden, you are greeted by a hand-painted sign, and you enter the spacious courtyard unexpectedly through a door decorated with bougainvillea.

A large, complete armchair with cushions, upholstered in straw and wood, in shades of light blue and white, stretched in the sun under a tall tree; A soft organza umbrella fluttering in the wind.

100 types of tea will delight any tea lover, all served in art pots and served in thin cups.

The breakfast set includes Egyptian and American specialties, like a large moon-shaped round Arabian bread on a plate, and the entire menu reflects authentic local flavors.

A particularly popular Khameer halloumi zaatar, served with homemade Emirati bread, as is the man’oushe and Raqaq bread with cheese and honey. The hearty portion is enough to share, so bring your tribe.

Official Website: http://thesurfcafedubai.com/

Myocum in Dubai

This popular Australian café and pub serves hot coffee.

The breakfast menu is full of interesting dishes from around the world (Thai Benedict as a main). Serves until 3pm, this place always has the best breakfast in Dubai.

For connoisseurs, the Dar Wasl Mall has a real food revolution, from Reif Othman’s Japanese Kushiyake to the trendy Drop’s café and Afhani spot Kishmish, with many independent shops offering different types of food than large malls. there are in Dubai.

Myocum as an Aussie coffee shop and casual eatery, cannot be said to be the first of its kind in the city, but it is definitely worth a visit.

It is committed to good coffee like Australia, but the menu of interesting breakfast items, salad bowls, sandwiches and large entrees draws influences from all over the world.

The winner is the Thai Benedict. The Dutch love the taste of green curry, poached egg on papaya salad, and avocado and sourdough. Add asparagus tempura and crispy basil and you win.

Another highlight is the Bay Beef Burger, a delicious homemade meatball, wrapped in Portuguese bread topped with fresh lettuce, cucumber, spiced butter, aioli and cheese. The accompanying chips are also impressive.

“We produce everything ourselves and everything we eat is delicious so we can only recommend it.”

Official Website: http://www.myocumdubai.com/

Bounty Beets in Dubai

Bounty Beets offers a wide variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes and intimate aesthetics, making it one of the best brunch in Dubai.

It’s such a lovely place, they have a delicious breakfast menu (caramelized bananas, sweet potato pancakes, avocado toast and poached eggs) and everything is fresh and healthy.

There is also a nice terrace for morning walks on the weekends, and also friends on four guests.

A vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cafe with an extensive menu.

Bright paintings and lots of pink, while the patio has tropical vegetation. If you are looking for vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options, head to Bounty Beet.

The new café at Le Méridien Mina Seyahi replaces the organic restaurant Gourmet by Kcal. It has been redesigned and the interior is ready for Instagram.

The dishes on the menu (Puntastic) include “I yam what I yam” (caramelized banana and sweet potato pancakes) and “you’re all I Avo wanted” (avoid toasted poached egg). Soups, burgers and a variety of healthy meals are also available.

Do not miss the vegan avocado on toast. Served with sauteed garlic mushrooms and two chunks of thick asparagus, this is a delicious vegetarian dish that is the basis of your daily vegetable. It is served on gluten-free toast, which is fine if you have celiac, but the bread is a little heavy.

Vegan pumpkin risotto with coconut cream is slightly light, but soft enough with sweet and savory flavors. A handful of pumpkin seeds makes for a nice crunch, but a few chunks of pumpkin make the meal more enjoyable.

If you are looking for something sweet, order the coconut and caramel cheesecake. Made with cashew cream, it’s surprisingly under 200 calories because the “cheese” is delicious and a touch of deceptive caramel syrup.

Beets are a top-notch option, though some dishes need to be a bit stronger.

Official Website: http://www.bountybeets.com/