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Wadi Shees

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While the UAE is mostly known for its desert scenery, the government has concentrated its efforts on creating gorgeous, lush green areas. Shees park in Khor Fakkan, situated in the Hajar mountains, is a new attraction for UAE residents and visitors to enjoy!

This brand-new park, which will open in October 2020, has excellent outdoor facilities and services, making it ideal for road trips with family or friends throughout the colder months.

About wadi Shees park

The ideal location for relaxation and exploration in the Hajar highlands. Visitors may look out over the wonderfully planned park, which covers over 11,300 sqm, after 500m of twisting paths, stopping at vantage spots to take in the spectacular mountain environment. Below is a delightful children’s play area, as well as designated BBQ pits, covered seats, and a stunning man-made 25-meter-high waterfall feature.

It is represented by narrow mountain paths – best traversed by 4 x 4 vehicles – rocky cliffs, traditional communities, farming, and date palm plantations; and it provides excellent possibilities for experiencing stunning natural beauty, hiking, and camping. This hidden gem is now much easier to reach thanks to the new Khor Fakkan road 142.

Shees park is roughly an hour’s drive from the emirate of Sharjah and is located on the new Khor Fakkan route 142. The Park is regarded as one of the most significant projects promoting ecotourism in Sharjah’s eastern sector.

Characterized by its unusual setting between steep mountains, it offers tourists a one-of-a-kind excellent tourism experience as well as the opportunity to explore the region’s mountain ranges. On October 15, 2020, his highness sheikh Dr. Sultan bin muhammad al Qassimi, UAE, supreme council member and ruler of Sharjah, opened the park.

The Shees Park features numerous 506-meter-long walkways surrounded by palm trees, a collection of native plants, a games area and 32 covered spaces for families, an outdoor theatre seating 70 people, and a barbeque area fitted with high safety and environmental care requirements.

Those who want to go beyond the park can take one of the tracks to Shees valley, which has a lovely hiking route. The trail travels through the highlands and along a lovely canal, connecting a historic hamlet and nearby farms. There is also an abundance of species in the region. Because of the adjacent freshwater sources, lucky hikers may be able to see native plant and animal species.

A lovely grove of palm trees gives some shade, but there are no significant rest stops along the path, so hikers should carry drink, food, and suitable footwear.

What Is the Entry Fee for Shees Park?

There is no admission charge at Shees park – everyone is welcome to explore this new park in Sharjah!

Attractions At Shees Park Khor Fakkan

Shees park covers an enormous 11,362 square metres, so there is lots to explore and enjoy at this outdoor attraction.

An Artificial Waterfall

The 25-metre-high waterfall is one of the finest things to do in Shees park!

This man-made waterfall, which flows into a lovely lake, is a lovely addition to the park and allows for some great photo opportunities.

The Mountain Walkways

Shees park in Khor Fakkan offers tourists 506 metres of mountain pathways and paths to climb and explore.

There are three levels of mountain terraces that lead to the main viewing platform, from where you may enjoy breath taking views of the park and its surroundings.

BBQ Picnic Spot

Shees park has a dedicated barbeque area; however, keep in mind that the barbecue pits are limited and can get rather busy on weekends.

There are also covered seating spaces in the park for families and friends to have a pleasant outdoor picnic!


If you don’t feel like cooking, Shees park has a restaurant where you can get coffee, pastries, and fast snacks.

Play Area for Children

Shaded sitting spaces around a big play area for children! Shees park Sharjah has swings, slides, see-saws, and other activities for children.

Walk around the park

There are also lots of benches around the park for guests to rest and spend quality time with friends and family. Shees park has lovely grass and landscaping, making it ideal for a peaceful walk after a fun picnic during the colder months.

Outdoor Theatre

There is also an open-air amphitheatre that can seat up to 70 people, so expect some entertaining concerts in the park in the near future!

Overall, the park’s amenities include the following:

  • Mountain walkways
  • Artificial waterfall
  • Lake
  • Outdoor theatre
  • Viewing area
  • BBQ area
  • Shaded seating
  • Play area for kids
  • Restaurant/cafe
  • Toilets
  • Parking

Prohibited Activities

Please keep in mind that grilling is only permitted in specified locations if you visit the park. Dogs, as well as other activities such as camping, football, shisha, horseback riding, hunting, and swimming, are not permitted in the park.

Please keep in mind that automobiles are not permitted in the park. Outside the park, there are plenty of parking spots for guests.

Other Activities Around Wadi Shees

Hiking along the Wadi Shees path

In the United Arab Emirates, hiking is surrounded by flowing fresh water and an abundance of lush greenery. Wadi Shees is a rare find in this Gulf country, but after seeing the video and reading this article, you’ll want to visit, especially if you reside in the UAE.

The Wadi Shees Nature Trail will only take you around 45 minutes to complete, possibly a little longer if you take in all of the information boards, views, and stops to enjoy the sound of rushing fresh water, but it’ll be foolish not to do it when it’s only an hour away from Dubai.

Wadi Shees Nature Trail

With its spectacular mountain environment, the United Arab Emirates is an excellent hiking destination. Wadi Shawka and Al Rabi Tower are both beautiful hikes, but Wadi Shees provides something quite different.

The Wadi Shees path begins where you park your car, close to a large information board with a map of your next walk. Then you’ll enter a lush oasis and begin climbing a stairwell that was recently rebuilt to make it easier for walkers.

The panoramas that emerge over the magnificent date palm trees in front and the rising Hajar Mountains in the background are a one-of-a-kind viewpoint in the UAE.

Shees’s ancient village

Stop at the top of the stairs to take in the scenery. As you enter the historic community of Shees, you will take a right turn. Once a bustling hamlet frequented by Sharjah’s monarch, HH Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the village is now mostly utilised by local farmers. Take a minute to study the information boards; they are excellent at explaining the region.

As you go, the sound of rushing water grows louder, and you’ll experience a rush of excitement as you realise, you’re getting closer to something special on a UAE stroll.

The system of Wadi Shees Falaj

Wadi Shees is one of the few locations in the UAE with year-round running fresh water. The Falaj system, which was created over 3000 years ago, is responsible for the flowing pure water.

The system was meant to channel fresh rainfall collected in subterranean wells on adjacent mountaintops to towns and agriculture that require it. The Wadi Shees Falaj system was recently renovated and is now functioning as well as it did 3000 years ago.

Because the United Arab Emirates receives less than 100mm of rain per year on average, the Falaj system is critical in ensuring a consistent supply of fresh water.

The Falaj system produces a steady flow of water via the water channels, much of which you can walk across the top of and listen to the beautiful sound of the rushing water flow – a sound you quickly forget in the UAE.

After passing through the town of Shees, you’ll stroll along the Falaj canals, past local fields, and ultimately down some stairs back to the road.

Return to where you parked the automobile once you’re back on the road.

How to Get to Wadi Shees:

A 4×4 vehicle is suggested. Wadi Shees is around 22 kilometres south-west of Khor Fakkan via Rugaylat road – e99. Drive through Omani territory of Madha and Sharjah region of Nahwa. It is 60 minutes’ drive from Dubai

Google Maps has a map of Wadi Shees. In Sharjah, take the new S142 east off the E611. Drive for approximately 50 minutes to Khor Fakkan. After passing through the first tunnel, take the first right to Wadi Shees. Drive downhill through Shees Park to the starting point.

Driving towards Khor Fakkan on the new S142 route to Wadi Shees

The journey to Wadi Shees is simple and straightforward. Turn east from the E611 onto the S142 road. It is the new road connecting Sharjah on the west coast to Khor Fakkan on the east coast.

The highlights include a series of tunnels, some of which are the longest in the Middle East, that cut through the Hajar Mountains as you approach Khor Fakkan.

You’ll only have to walk through one tunnel to get to the Wadi Shees turnoff, but while you’re there, you may as well explore Khor Fakkan as well. One thing to keep in mind is that the S142 does not have any gas stations (I may have been near), so make sure you have enough fuel before the 50-minute stretch on this route.

You will drive through Shees Park after turning right directly after the first tunnel and just beyond the ‘Welcome to Khor Fakkan’ sign. Then simply follow the road downwards for a few minutes until you reach the start point of the nature trail.


Inquiries about wadi Shees should be sent to Khor Fakkan municipality at +971 9 208 3555.

A day excursion to Wadi Shees is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the UAE’s moderate winter temperatures between October and April, and it takes minimal planning. Whether you reside in the UAE or are just passing through, I hope this guide to Wadi Shees helps you organise a day trip to see the region’s great outdoors.


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