When will gyms open in Dubai?

Restaurants, cinemas, spas, salons, and a variety of other businesses have finally opened their doors. And finally, gyms are now open. But, before you go, read through all of the latest laws and legislation that have been implemented in all of Dubai’s gyms.

  • The gyms will reopen with a 50% capacity – first come, first served.
  • Both gym patrons, coaches, and employees will be subjected to temperature tests and anyone with a temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Fahrenheit would not be permitted to join.
  • Anyone with a cough, trouble breathing, or immunodeficiency would be denied entry.
  • Sanitation will be performed on all sporting surfaces and vehicles.
  • Everyone in the gym must wear a face mask at all times – exemptions are made for intense workouts.
  • The sports equipment will be separated by plastic dividers.
  • The dressing rooms, waiting areas, lockers, and shower baths will all be shut down.
  • Instructors and trainers may not be permitted to interact.
  • Any time a bathroom is used, it will be sanitized.
  • At all times, there must be an acceptable social space – most gyms have a 3-meter distance.
  • No two people to use the same piece of equipment simultaneously time.


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