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Coolest Accessories for Your Mobile Phone

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Not sure what you’re going to do with all that extra room in your pocket? You don’t have to empty your wallet to find one cool phone accessory, as there are plenty of other designs out there that are perfect for more adventurous users. Whether you’re looking for something more mobile like a speakerphone, or something like a car mount, then we’ve got the perfect accessory for you.

Cool case for your phone to protect it from scratches and such

An awesome case for your phone to make it look beautiful, that only holds the phone’s earphone jack . The case lets you easily change the look of your phone and keeps your battery charged at all times. That shows off your phone’s LCD screen. Your phone has a built-in pocket for carrying your keys and wallet. A cool case, which makes your phone look cool in any type of lighting condition. Help you to keeps your phone safe.

Phone stand for your desk to use when watching videos or reading a book

Cool accessories for your phone a phone stand might be the most popular accessory for the phone, especially when your mobile has a fairly large battery. Most phone stands have a small hook to keep it from falling over so you don’t need to hold the phone up when it’s in use. Sometimes the phone is already in a stand, in which case you don’t need a separate one. A travel wallet to stash everything in Cool accessories for your phone A wallet is probably the most useful thing you can ever buy for the phone, if not the most popular item. A phone wallet can be designed for any brand and any kind of phone so you should be able to find one to match your phone. Some wallets even have a magnet that sticks to the side of your mobile.

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Cars mount so that you can use your phone as a GPS while driving

For a driver, a car mount is a lifesaver. It can be mounted in your car’s air vent, in your dashboard, or even on your Smartphone. Most car mounts from this list will help you to put your device in the safest position possible and take advantage of its features. How will you use it? When you put your phone in a car mount, it will be in the safest place possible, which makes it easy to read texts, listen to music, take pictures, and more. And the best thing is that you can use it as a GPS. How to use it? 1. Plug your iPhone into your car’s CD/radio port. Mount your iPhone and connect to your car’s USB port. Put your iPhone into your phone mount. Connect to your car’s Bluetooth. Search for your way using your phone’s GPS 6.

Wireless earphone so that you can listen to music on the go

A wireless earphone does more than just listen to music. It acts as an audio player too. You can use it to connect to the phone’s auxiliary jack for music playback. Wireless earphone lets you enjoy music without any wires. And they’re usually quite convenient for use in crowded places like the gym. Anker Sound core Bluetooth Headphones are best for their versatile output. An extra battery Extra batteries save a lot of time in case of a battery dead situation. An extra battery lets you use the phone for a few hours while waiting for your battery to charge. Having multiple spare batteries will ensure that you always have the right battery at the right place for quick charging. If you want to get more than one extra battery at a time, buy a travel charger.

Selfie stick so that you can take better Selfies with friends

You don’t even have to stand up to take the picture – just pull the selfie stick in front of your face and move your head left and right. Headphones are one of the most useful accessories for smartphones today. They not only sound better but are also lighter and smaller. A Bluetooth headset doesn’t lose your way at night, with this nifty Bluetooth headset by Apple that connects with your phone and can be used for making phone calls or for playing music. Double camera zoom lens you want more megapixels, we get it. You don’t want to see every shot in RAW and want to zoom in quickly and crop in.

Noise-cancelling headphones so that you can have peace

Landline phone number so you don’t lose your friends. Inflatable phone so you don’t lose the phone in water. A second skin so you don’t lose your phone. A karaoke device so you can sing to your friends while you stay on the road.

Bluetooth Ear buds which are perfect for listening to music or podcasts

Buy Bluetooth headsets for conference calls. In any case, don’t drop your phone and crack the screen. It is the best solution for saving your phone.

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An external battery just in case your battery runs out of power 2

Don’t let your battery run out of charge, and don’t worry about carrying around that bulky charger anymore! These external batteries look like USB flash drives and they can extend the battery life on your phone for an extra couple of hours. So you’re a photographer? travel blogger? A Drone operator? If you are into photography, take your photos to the next level with these travel-related drones and accessories. This helps you to protect and identify. So you don’t lose your stuff or accidentally leave it somewhere. What do you do if you lose your phone, right? It happens to most of us sooner or later.


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